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Overview of the Design

When Welleby Family Dentistry came to us for a custom general dentistry website, they wanted to appear both professional and approachable to potential patients. The idea was to present the practice as a general dental practice that goes the extra mile for its patients. That is why we opted for a traditional website that provides extensive information to the guest and is broken up with beautiful imagery and background subsets that draw the reader into the site.

Atop the home page, guests immediately see that the office is English-speaking, but can also accommodate patients who speak Spanish. We included a traditional menu bar followed by a header image with a logo overlay. Next, we spotlighted the practice’s general dental services, as well as cosmetic and specialty services like veneers, whitening, and implantology. Finally, we rounded out the home page with a brief introduction to the practice, its advanced technology, and some of the kind words other patients have had to say about their experiences.

Use of Colors

For this site, the chosen colors were blue and bright white, both of which correlate directly to the practice logo. Dark blue is a color that exhibits the confidence this practice has in its ability to adapt to its patients’ needs. Likewise, white gives the space a clean appearance – much like new patients hope to achieve in their smiles.

Analysis of Design Elements

This general dental website is highly informational. Instead of cluttering it both with extensive text and special features, we stuck to a traditional format instead. This allowed us to better convey the practice message to visitors and also thoroughly answer any questions they may have about the types of services available and the conditions treated at this office.

Marketing Aspect

This practice does a great job of connecting with its community. Not only does it maintain a blog, which we integrated directly into the website, but it also maintains social media accounts through which new and future patients can stay in touch with the ongoing promotions of the practice. We also implemented a before and after smile gallery, which displays the types of results patients might expect to achieve with various services. Finally, we included an appointment request form, making it easy for site visitors to schedule a first-time consultation directly from the website.

Image the Website Represents

This website contains many images, most of which are pictures of people from all walks of life. From children who need traditional dental care to young and mature adults who might also be interested in long-term aesthetic treatments, the overall image of the practice is one that is welcoming to patients of all ages.

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