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Overview of the Design

Tekton Research is a clinical research center in Austin, Texas. The clinic reaches out to the local community and beyond in search of patients who may be willing to participate in a study. Since many people understand what research clinics are but have never worked with one personally, our job was to convey the mission of the clinic while also maintaining a professional image that attracts new study sponsors.

This design includes a comprehensive menu bar and several pages of education directed at potential study participants. It also encourages connection through social media, where Tekton can advertise new studies and keep database enrollees engaged in the research community.

Use of Colors

A research facility does very important work for the medical community and should present itself in a manner that is both professional and trustworthy. That is why we opted for navy and white with accents of gray throughout the website. The combination of the colors is gender neutral and can be perceived as organized and important.

Analysis of Design Elements

The design elements for this custom research clinic website are straightforward. Whereas a complex design may have distracted viewers from the primary message of the site, a simple and traditional layout make it easy for readers to understand the mission behind Tekton Research and whether the clinic might be a good fit for them. The home page includes a full screen width image, as well as responsive text that moves subtly into place as the user scrolls down the page. We also included home page image links that connect to other areas of the website by way of pictures that enlarge when selected.

Marketing Aspect

The success of a research clinic depends on two factors: its ability be awarded new studies and its ability to maintain a database of qualified participants for those studies. That is why we spotlighted the generous referral program, which financially compensates individuals who have already been screened or completed a study and then refer friends who successfully enroll in a study. We include direct links for interested parties to sign up for a particular study, as well as an explanation of why participating in a study is beneficial to both the participant and the advancement of science and medicine.

We also speak directly to potential study sponsors and CROs, with an emphasis on the many benefits of working with Tekton Research as opposed to a competitor. Interested parties are given the opportunity to connect via LinkedIn, subscribe to updates and press releases, or immediately request a feasibility assessment.

Image the Website Represents

We carefully chose the images on this website to correspond to the types of individuals who might be visiting it. Since study subjects are the focus of the research center, many of the images depict people who might make good candidates for a study. This includes individuals of many different ages, genders, races, and more, since many studies are designed for specific demographics. We also include an area dedicated to study sponsors, with an image of professionals who appear excited about the possible outcome of Tekton’s research.

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