Summit Institute Integrated Healthcare

Summit Institute Integrated Healthcare

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It was important to the Summit Institute that their website reflected happy lives free from pain, a conquest of problems and concerns associated with chronic pain. We worked with them to incorporate those concerns into their website design with an aim to provide a website that also served as a beacon of hope to those who were looking to them for relief from life-changing pain. The result was quite pleasing to the Summit Institute and our designers here at Optimized360 as well.

Overview Of The Design

The overall design of the website is focused on an active life that is restored to its previous condition of joy and freedom. It starts with a slideshow of images that helps to present this idea, along with information about the practitioners and how they’re qualified to help patients handle their pain. There is a fascinating interplay in the images, as the first slideshow demonstrates freedom, while the images linked to the procedures and other information are reflective of the concerns they face every day.

Use Of Colors

The color scheme here is a traditional blue and white commonly found in medical websites such as this, each of them have their place as a mainstay of the medical community. The cleanliness of white tends to bring an impression of professionalism to visitors while the blue offers hope and calm, both feelings being necessary to a chronic pain patient. There’s a subtle undertone of pink throughout the website as well, used to help generate images of health and recovery in the visitor.

Homepage CTA

Analysis Of Design Elements

The entire website design from top to bottom is focused on bringing out images of a life free from pain, out and active in the world. From the beginning, the website relies heavily on images to demonstrate the concerns that chronic pain patients face and the release from that pain that an appointment with the Summit Institute can provide. We made sure spacing was expertly managed throughout the site by using white space to establish image areas and frame text. Navigation is spacious. No matter which web page you are on, the navigation menu is always available.

Marketing Aspect


Notably, the scheduling link uses a bit of clever psychology where the individual making the appointment appears free and happy, followed by two images that demonstrate complications. An appointment is a way to freedom that life-changing pain. As you scroll through the page, these images are counter-changed, closing with a woman escaping into the wilderness on a bicycle, smiling back at the others behind her. To those with chronic pain, the idea of being out among friends and free to travel is essential, making this design perfect for those patients. The bottom of the website clearly has contact information available as well as a contact form to make an appointment, a slightly more aggressive approach to marketing the patient than the opening sequence.

The Image this Website Reflects

A clinic that clearly understands what’s relevant to those who suffer from chronic pain and what has been taken away from them by their condition. Here you’ll find skilled professionals who know the concerns you face and have a significant amount of experience handling them. For practices that manage patients with life-altering matters, this website design is excellent.


Summit Institute Integrated Healthcare Website Designed by Optimized360