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Overview of the Design

This is a non-traditional custom dental website, with an off-centered vertical menu that requires greater mental engagement than typical navigation bars. This is intentional, since it helps the practice immediately stand out from other practices that may use template-based cookie-cutter designs. The site is very clearly created specifically with Sprucewood Dental Associates in mind, with each section blending seamlessly into the next.

We included a prominent image of the dentist coupled with an introduction to the practice and its philosophy. Moving through the site, there is a wealth of information about the office and team, as well as many different professional resources and articles about oral health and the types of dental services offered at the practice. We also included a complete video library, a contact page, and an area dedicated to offering access to patient forms online.

Use of Colors

Establishing a color scheme for this website was simple given the overall theme and name of the practice. We opted for shades of green to compliment the trees found in the practice logo, as well as bright white to imitate the light of sun in a local Vermont forest. Green is the color of nature, health, and wellness, which correspond nicely with the practice philosophy of preventing disease with routine care.

Analysis of Design Elements

The most prominent design element found in this custom dental website is the use of curves throughout the design. Curves are innately feminine, which consistent with nature itself. They create a softer image and give the impression that the practice is relaxed and approachable. It also suggests that care at Sprucewood Dental Associates is flexible and personalized to the needs of the patient.

Marketing Aspect

When patients speak highly of their dentist, others listen. We spotlighted testimonials from real patients on the home page, and we also give existing patients the opportunity to refer their friends and family members to the practice through a referral page on Sprucewood Dental Associates custom website. In addition, we provide multiple opportunities for site visitors to request dental appointments, as well as links to social media accounts managed by the practice.

Image the Website Represents

Websites for dental practices should appeal to the people they serve. Images are one of the easiest ways to identify with patients, since pictures are worth a thousand words. In this site, family is the primary image, with the picture of a smiling family leading the home page. This helps potential patients identify with the practice and picture their own family visiting for routine care and cosmetic services. We also included images of rolling green hills in Vermont – something the locals will identify with personally.

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