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Overview of the Design

This dental web design is traditional in its layout and features several pages of information about the office, its team, and things that set Randazzo Dentistry apart from the rest. This is a practice that is willing to go the extra mile for its patients in an effort to provide its patients with a superior experience at every visit. We wanted to highlight some of these features with several nods to the in-office dental plan for uninsured patients, as well as the flexible scheduling and contact options for busy patients or those who are experiencing dental emergencies.

Use of Colors

In this website, we opted for a clean and cool color scheme that seems fresh and modern. Shades of blue, gray, and white add a classic feel to this website that will help it stand the test of time, regardless of what fads may come and go. Blue also gives confidence to the visitor by associating safety and friendliness with the practice.

Analysis of Design Elements

The Randazzo Dentistry website features a full screen width design that takes up all of the available space within the browser screen. Since the key to this type of design element is a large image, we included several wide screen images of smiling people who appear confident in their smiles. As the images scroll across the home page, so do quotes from real patients followed by a link to see more testimonials. Regardless of the screen size the viewer is using – from smartphones and tablets to large desktops – the site is designed to adapt to the needs of the user. Some of the other features on this website include an integrated appointment request forms, as well as downloadable new patient forms.

Marketing Aspect

One of the first things site visitors notice in this web design is the link to the practice social media accounts at the top of the page. Modern online dental marketing is all about having multiple Internet properties and increasing your presence across many different web platforms. Social media allows a practice to easily connect with patients long after they have initially visited the primary website.

This practice is also effective in attracting first time site visitors by addressing their concerns. For example, bullet points on the home page discuss flexible scheduling, payment plans, accessibility and other issues that tend to be important to patients in search of a new dentist. We follow up with real patient testimonials, as well as an integrated appointment request form.

Image the Website Represents

The image of this website is one of a dental office that is exists because its staff genuinely cares about people. Pictures of smiling faces scroll by slowly, welcoming patients from ages 2 to 102. We also include many pictures of the dentists, hygienists, and the support staff, as well as a picture from inside the office. This helps potential patients better identify with the practice and its team, as well as feel more comfortable before an initial visit.

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