The Center for Specialized Women’s Health

The Center for Specialized Women’s Health

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The Center for Specialized Women’s Health Care most about the needs of their patients. They offer state of the art diagnosis and management for a variety of pelvic disorders. Dr. Michael Ingber evaluates the needs of his patients and provides them options in which they can choose what they believe is best for their overall health. His main goal is to allow women to restore their pelvic health and quality of life.

This medical website we have customized for Dr. Ingber is to promote the importance of women’s health. We have used a hot pink as a contrast to the mellow tones being presented. We have added patient educational material so that the viewers can be knowledgeable about their health and the services Dr. Ingber offers. We have created social media sites that Dr. Ingber can utilize. There is website support for any questions he may have throughout having the website and an online website editor that can be accessed anytime.

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