Dorsa Family Dentistry

Dorsa Family Dentistry

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Dr. Sophi Nabavi manages the Dorsa Family Dentistry in Corpus Christi, Texas. As a family dentistry, Dr. Nabvi understands the importance of patient satisfaction and patient care. When you establish a sense of trust and understanding with a patient, they are more likely to stay committed. We made sure to highlight all the different services offered through a quirky but professional website layout.

Design Overview

The website has a modern appeal, using rich special effects to create a memorable first impression on the viewers. We made sure to highlight testimonials, reviews, and other service information to help persuade the incoming website visitors. Our nature-themed homepage displays the different services offered by Dr. Nabavi. Scrolling past the services, you will find a rotating testimonial gallery along with the team’s mission statement. We also integrated a few additional quick links to redirect visitors to other web pages on the website along with links to the team’s social media.

Navigation Menu

Use of Color

The overall color theme is naturistic; we focused on implementing green and blue throughout the website. Green is primarily used to highlight calls to action while blue serves as the main background color. Together, these colors along with the nature-themed images scattered throughout the website create an eye-catching blend that makes for a stand-out design. We wanted to capture the lighthearted nature of the office to create a look that was both classy and sleek.

Elements of Design

Space is expertly managed throughout the site. The frames, text, and images are all legible and blend in symmetry with each other. The services page offers a large amount of volume for readers to digest. We integrated different fonts, letterings, and alternative links to help reader engagement. You can find these tactics all throughout the site.The images located on the website are all professional and clean. We incorporated parallax effects throughout the website as well. Square borders throughout the website help keep everything appropriately in place.

Service FAQs

There are also several video visuals incorporated throughout the site as well. Some of which even features the Vital Dental team themselves. This is a great way to establish a start to the patient-doctor relationship before even stepping in the building. When you present your staff to be personable and compassionate, you create a sense of hope and safety with the patient that can often last a lifetime.

Marketing Aspect

When designing any website, navigation and design are key to engaging customers. We made sure to incorporate only the best professional shots to enhance the reader’s attention. Dentistry is all about the details; so is optimal website design. Since the dawn of time, visuals have been a great way to not only persuade but to inform and educate as well. Dr. Nabavi is no stranger to visuals as she provides educational patient videos on the navigation menu. The smile gallery also displays several before-and-after shots from her dental office. Whenever you are ready to commit to seeing Dr. Nabavi herself, there will always be a request an appointment form down at the bottom of each web page for your convenience!

Image the Website Represents

This website reflects a practice that is in touch with its community and is utilizing the latest technology in its website design.  Potential patients tend to look locally for their medical care needs and prefer working closely within their community.  This site uses excellent design and imagery to help display its connection to its community.


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