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Cooper Funeral Home offers funeral services and consulting from our funeral home in Alexandria, Kentucky. Cooper Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home that provides complete funeral services to the entire Alexandria and Northern Kentucky area. You’ll receive a complete range of services at our funeral home—from traditional funerals to cremation. Cooper Funeral Home strives to exceed your expectations by making your services personalized to meet your family’s needs.

The friendly staff of Cooper Funeral Home is committed to providing quality service and attention to your needs at all times during this difficult transition. Please allow us to assist you as best we can with our funeral consulting services so that you can put on a truly memorable event to honor your loved one’s life.

The staff at Cooper Funeral Home wanted a warm and simple design to make it easy for visitors to feel comfortable. With amenities such as an eye-catching slideshow on the homepage, it keeps the design simplistic but unforgettable.

Overview of the Design

Creating a custom funeral home website requires sensitivity and understanding of the types of services a funeral director provides to clients. It is a delicate task, but also a very important one. For this website, we opted for a traditional theme and layout – one that will not invoke sadness, but rather hopeful emotion.

We give honor where it is due, providing space for current obituaries near the top of the home page. Scrolling down, readers can learn how to contact a staff member or perhaps find out more about pre-arrangement services available from the funeral home. The remainder of the website is simplistic, focusing solely on the accommodations of the funeral home, the individual obituaries for current services, and testimonials from previous clients.

Use of Colors

For this funeral home website, we chose browns and a deep burgundy accented with gray, white, and gold. These colors correspond to the funeral home’s logo, which is already a highly recognizable and well-established brand within its local community. The brown colors are warm and also reminiscent of nature, the Earth, and humanity as a whole.

Analysis of Design Elements

Those visiting a funeral home website are often in a somber state. The goal for this site was not to create special effects, but rather to respect the sensitivity and emotions of its visitors. We reduced the size of the header images and highlighted them with an ornate and traditional-looking frame. Multiple images scroll through the frame, helping visitors to reflect on life and their place within it. Below, images of the departed pass by in a loop, making it easy for visitors to be connected directly to the obituary they may be searching for. We also made it possible for users to share obituaries with others via social media or messaging.

Marketing Aspect

This website walks a fine line between marketing and serving its clients and those who are in mourning. A services page provides a listing of accommodations, and a contact page includes a phone number through which a staff member can be contacted directly. The website also discreetly promotes pre-arrangement at the bottom of the home page, as well as on the home’s service page. This is intentional since it acknowledges the inability to pre-arrange funeral services for those who have already passed.

Image the Website Represents

Thought-provoking images remind those in mourning that the sun will rise on a new tomorrow. Though the funeral home must work with families and mourners from many different religious backgrounds and beliefs, some might perceive pictures of green meadows and soaring mountains as a translation of the possibility of something bigger than themselves. Others might understand the vast images of nature as a sign that life goes on – even in remembrance of loved ones who have passed.

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