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Meet Dr. Sean, the architect of gaining first page ranking for 1023 healthcare specialty keywords. Simply search any
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Dr. Sean, the #1 global SEO marketing expert in the dental and medical fields with the largest portfolio of 1st page result keywords.

Other dental and medical SEO/online marketing companies don’t usually share their SEO techniques. The common practice is to take whatever marketing budget is available from you and commit it to a few pay-per-click ads while totally ignoring or doing the actual SEO work, let alone good SEO. 

Dr. Sean’s company, Optimized360 is ranked #1 by Google for over 240 keywords and phrases related to dental, medical, and other healthcare website services and online marketing programs. What he’s learned can now be applied to your website.


DO I qualify?

These services are not available to all.

Since each of Dr. Sean’s clients’ projects are unique, and there is a painstaking amount of time and resource poured into each, not all clients meet the requirements for these customized services. Other agencies offer an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter approach that may better suit your practice, budget, and objectives. But if you want real results from your online marketing consider the following.

You may be a great candidate for these services if you:

  • Understand that any effective marketing is a long-term process and requires consistency and discipline;
  • The objective of your marketing is to gain exposure that attracts interested new patients, or healthcare professionals;
  • Believe that marketing brings prospects to your office, then it’s up to your well-trained staff, quality services and performance of the doctors to convert them into paying patients;
  • Recognize that there is a lifetime value in acquiring a new patient, and not simply the first visit revenue;
  • Are prepared to set aside 5-10% of revenue as a marketing allocation.

 You may not qualify for Dr. Sean’s services if you:

  • Expect immediate results from very competitive keywords in your area;
  • Are not open to making adjustments and edits to your website and social media pages, or if needed, a complete website overhaul;
  • Have been conditioned by others that there’s an average marketing cost per new patient;
  • Don’t recognize the great value in being on the first page of Google searches;
  • Don’t know that organic marketing takes time and can’t promise 20 new patients immediately;
  • Can’t appreciate the differences between marketing and sales;
  • Have a front office or practice that is not prepared to accept new patient inquiries;
  • Expect that your marketing programs and tactics perform the responsibilities of your staff;
  • Just want to ‘test’ a marketing program with a few dollars and see if anything comes of it;
  • Are limited to such a budget that can’t compete in your geographic, competitive marketplace;



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See if you qualify

Dr. Sean’s consulting schedule is booked several weeks in advance. To see if your practice or company qualifies for his services please complete the form and tell us about your practice/business and your marketing goals and budget. 

Please note that Dr. Sean is not available for businesses or practices with a budget lower than $3,000 month. 

Budgets under $3,000/month

If you are interested in SEO services but have a budget lower than the required $3,000 per month, our team at Optimized360 maybe able to help. Contact us by email or text and describe your practice.
We will do our best to help. 

Email:  |  Text: 949-449-1122

#1 Ranked Keywords

Dr. Sean's strategies have resulted in complete domination on Google

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Optimized360 SEO ranking on Google page 1 showing 100 keywords that are ranked #1 - Page 2
Optimized360 SEO ranking on Google page 1 showing 100 keywords that are ranked #1 - Page 3