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Warm and Friendly Dental Website Design

Does your website invite people to reach out to you for their needs? Most people shy away from any dental practice that appears to be cold and impersonal online. You have one chance to make a first impression, so be sure the design of your website reflects the positive atmosphere patients experience in person. Warm and friendly dental website design builds an initial level of trust that will continue to grow as patients visit your practice. Let’s look at 5 ways to make your website warm and friendly.

1.  Choose colors wisely

Color triggers emotional responses in humans, so think about colors that will appeal to the broadest array of people in your area. Warm colors exude enthusiasm, energy, happiness, and passion. Orange grabs the attention of the reader but does not overpower content like red. Bright hues of orange are  vibrant and energetic while muted forms communicate a sense of vitality, health, and earthly connection. Bright yellows inject splashes of happiness whereas softer shades invoke calmness. Dark shades of yellow and gold establish a sense of permanence and reliability. Contrast allows images and text to stand apart. Using neutral tones like ivory, beige, or gray in the background has its advantages because oranges and yellows will pop and draw the reader’s attention to your content.

2.  Introduce friendly faces  


Team Members


Build trust by including friendly faces in your design. From a psychological standpoint, those who fear the dentist will be put at ease when they see a friendly face looking out from the screen. Know your demographics and make sure the pictures you choose represent groups of people in your area. Acknowledgment denotes acceptance and implies you welcome all. You are inviting people to frequent your dental practice and to get to know your staff, so make sure the faces they see are welcoming.

3.  Use shapes to your advantage

Use shapes to guide the eyes of your readers to important content. While warm and inviting images put people at ease, round accent shapes draw the eyes. Circles and ovals are soft shapes, so invoke a sense of openness. Jagged edges can give patients the impression that the practice is cold and angular. The goal is to use simple shapes to improve the overall feel of your website.

4.  Make content friendly and inviting

Now we are getting to the crucial aspects of your dental website. The website design needs to focus on your visitors’ interests. Content that describes the benefits of choosing your practice should be clear. Expose a need for your services in a way that presents you as the solution without using scare tactics. The content itself should grab the reader’s attention and demonstrate the importance of services offered. Your goal here is to please the visitors, so the organization of content should make the page easy to navigate.

5.  Attest to the value of your team and equipment 


Dental Office Design & Equipment


Use the warm open environment found in your office to appeal to visitors. Introduce the people in your practice as vital team members. Provide bios of not only the Dentist, but also the Hygienists, Assistants, and Office Staff. Believe it or not, you can also show how much you value patients by investing in the best equipment available. Testify to the professional presence and appealing human touch offered by your team.

Today’s technology provides instant access to people who are actively seeking dental services in your area. Knowledge of what it takes to maintain a warm and friendly dental website design can be the difference in drawing people in or pushing them away. Web presence is an invaluable tool used to bring new patients to your dental practice while providing information on services to dedicated patients searching for information.

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