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6 in 10 Adults are Too Afraid To Visit The Dentist



NEW YORK — If you’re like 60% of Americans, then your annual dental checkup is likely something that you have been putting off for a long time. In fact, a recently study shows that 6 in 10 Americans have a genuine fear of the dentist. This study polled 2,000 U.S. adults on their habits.

The findings transcend just how scared people are to visit the dentist. They also shed light on some rather interesting habits of people.

Three in 10 millenials only brush their teeth once a day and several admit to going up to three days on average between brushings. Yuck!

This looks obsessed generation, however, still have a strong fear of losing their teeth, with about 56 percent admitting that they have anxiety at the thought of missing their pearly whites.

These statistics highlight why it’s more important now that ever before to target millenials and educate them on oral health through your dental website. Interestingly, 62% of the adults surveyed said their fear of the dentist was so strong that it stopped them from going to the dentist. Millenials scored highest on the fear factor scale. About 56 percent of millenials versus 36 percent of adults 55 and greater were more likely to avoid their dental check ups.

Taking control of our marketing and having a solid reputation management strategy will help to promote proper oral health and show those cowardly patients out there that you are worth trusting.

Visiting the dentist is an important part of preventing disease and keeping both oral health and overall health in tip top condition. Proper oral hygiene ensures a great quality of life for patients.


Dentist are more feared than brain doctors and surgerons and most people began to feel uneasy around the dentist around age 10, with feelings of distress popping up by 15.

Here are some more fun stats:

  • 30% of those surveyed admitted that they would rather avoid having sex for a month than go to the dentist
  • 30% said they’d rather work than visit the dentist
  • 20% said they’d rather give a speech to a large crowd

But why are people so scared of a profession dedicated to keeping them healthy?


male dentist with patient
Dentists are dedicated to providing patients with a healthy mouth, which ultimately leads to a healthier body overall.

Well for starters, most people are afraid of the pain. About 74 percent of those surveyed said the idea of pain during treatment scared them. 47 percent said that pain after treatment was scary, and 34 percent hated the noise of the dental drill. Add to these fears the fact that 29 percent admitted to having a bad experience in the past and another 25 percent were fearful of anxiety and you have a recipe for disaster.

So, how do you navigate marketing when people are afraid of you?


dental marketing 2018
Creating a marketing plan that helps you reach your target audience is the best way to overcome startling statistics like these.

First and foremost, create a dental website that appeals to you audience. Make them feel comfortable from the moment they land on your website. If their initial exposure is positive, they’ll be more likely to reach out further.

Second, ensure your online reputation is solid and that patients can attest to how gentle and accommodating you are at your practice. When people read these types of reviews they tend to feel instant relief and are inclined to move further down the sales funnel. Additionally, positive reviews by a person’s peers gives a little positive peer pressure that makes them want to take action.

When people come to your practice, ensure your front office staff is friendly and welcoming. Learn more about front office staff in this blog post. 

Finally, make managing your practice (read about reputation management in this post) and catering to your audience something that is at the front of both your mind and your staff’s mind day in and day out. The more they think about it the more likely they are to always be ready to serve even the fradiest cat.


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