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5 Top Chiropractic Custom Websites with Good Ranking

Everyone knows that no two medical professionals are the same. Chiropractic medicine is no different. Therefore, why should any two websites be the same? It is vitally important that every chiropractor has a unique website. This is essential for search engine ranking, which increases the practice’s exposure. This can be difficult to explain without seeing some examples, so take a look at some of the best chiropractic websites below. These chiropractors paid a larger fee up front, but in exchange, they pay low monthly management fees and have higher quality work.


Chiropractic Website Design

1st Page Placement on Google for West Philadelphia Chiropractor


First, take a look at Healthbridge Chiropractic. Instantly, the visitor is taken to a unique page. It doesn’t mess around but places the practice information front and center with a visible phone number and multiple practice locations which lure new patients in. This is perfect marketing and helps to grow a practice. The page is visibly appealing with a professional photo that any prospective patient will be drawn in by. Also, this website has some important SEO tips that everyone can learn from. First, the title tag is very important. The title is clearly displayed and has the word “chiropractor” in the title.  This is great advice for chiropractic websites. Next, the title tag is just below the title and phone number. This is an area that every search engine will look to when deciding where to rank the website. When anyone reads the title tag, they will notice it is filled with keywords. People visit the chiropractor for a wide variety of reasons. Anyone typing in these reasons will match the title tag and be brought to this website. Most importantly, notice that no keyword, such as “chiropractic,” appears more than twice. A search engine will penalize a website for having too many keywords. Be sure to strike a balance. This page does it beautifully.


Website Design for Chiropractor

1st Page Placement on Google for Chiropractor in Rockingham


Another great example of an outstanding chiropractic website from Murphy Chiropractic & Wellness. Again, the basics are taken care of. The picture is front and center with a professional image that makes any patient trust this healthcare provider with their concerns. The phone number is clear with both a link and the number. A map link is present to help people find the practice. The location of these links is very important because a search engine will take this into consideration. These are referred to as sitemaps. On this page, the sitemaps are executed beautifully. They are in the banner with links to the practice information, key patient concerns, and common symptoms. These are all issues that potential customers will type into the search bar. The search engine will notice that these links on the site contain relevant information and take this into account with search engine rankings. Make sure the information in these links is included in any custom website design for chiropractors. These descriptions are taken into by the search engine and can change where a website falls in the rankings.


Chiropractic Website Design

1st Page Placement on Google for Canal Fulton Chiropractor


For Heritage Chiropractic, the layout of this site is a little different than the others, but there are many ways to achieve the same search engine result. Notice the relevant information is still clear, with attention being drawn to a special offer for new patients on the menu on the left-hand side. The website has images of various treatment options that will draw in people looking for assistance. The important information is still clear with obvious banner links to relevant parts of the site. Notice that lower down on the page the website links to information about common conditions and the latest information regarding their treatment. Many people don’t realize that videos, articles, and other images are taken into account when deciding SEO ranking. These videos, articles, and images can be supplied with something called “ALT tags” that are indeed examined when determining rankings. This is important for making sure that a ranking stays high. Also, these links all contain current information on the latest treatments. Updating content on a regular basis will also improve search engine ranking. A website filled with old material is guaranteed to drop lower on the rankings list. Search engines know that this is a key for deciding whether a site is relevant. Do not neglect the recency of information on a website.


Website Design for Chiropractic Practice

1st Page Placement on Google for Chiropractor in Roy


With Amon Chiropractic, here is a chiropractor in Roy, Utah, that is another great example of a chiropractic website with great ranking.  Again, this website has all of the most important information, such as the practice location and phone number, front and center. What people need to pay attention to with this page is actually above the website. Notice that the website domain name is very straightforward, with the last name of the chiropractor and line of work clearly stated. Search engines also pay attention to the domain name when deciding a ranking. This is because the domain name must have something to do with the profession. Otherwise people are unlikely to trust the domain name and actually visit the site, making it less relevant. Take the time to invest in a relevant domain name to help make sure that the page is high in the search results ranking.


Chiropractic & Wellness Website Design

1st Page Placement on Google for Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Roseville


Finally, let’s visit Lighthouse Wellness Center, who is a chiropractor out of Roseville, California. The website simply puts it all together. The domain name is clear and straightforward, having the keywords necessary to generate a good ranking. The images are relevant and show satisfied patients and professionals hard at work. The information about the phone number, location, and appointment information for patients are easy to find. The information is recent, relevant, and has descriptions that also aid in the search results ranking. There are important links that provide information on topics that patients will find useful, which further improves the ranking. The links are logically laid out, ensuring that the page has a solid sitemap that attracts patients and search engines. Keywords are found all over the website, but not in a way that turns away any search engine hits. This website does everything necessary in an efficient manner.

Ultimately, chiropractors can choose to either pay a start up fee for custom website design for chiropractors. While this is a larger up-front cost, these professionals will end up with a higher quality product. This is a much better option than going with a template company that has no start up fee. Template companies charge a high monthly management fee and produce a lower quality work. Invest in a custom website design. This will help increase a practice’s visibility and search engine ranking while ensuring that a chiropractor has the best chiropractic website available.

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