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"Thoroughly impressed with the design, the process, and the results. Danny and Marvin made the process very simple and also had a lot of great suggestions. I told Danny what I was looking for in a site and they customized everything to my specific request. Marvin helped not only come up with the Logo for my practice but also helped design a site that is tailored to my patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone starting a practice or business!" - Dr. Luke Gibson

A letter from
Dr. Sean F.

“I practiced dentistry for over 20 years. Through my intense desire to stay ahead of my local competition and to build my various practices, I would spend countless hours, days and weekends learning and experimenting on what I could do myself to brand and promote my practice online without compromising the quality of the work I provided. What I learned forever changed my professional future.

Before I founded Optimized360, there were no marketing companies that knew the our world like a doctor does. Dentists and other medical professionals aren’t comfortable having to fit into a mold, and we don’t like the cookie-cutter or assembly line approach to running our practices. Doctors provide care for people. We don’t call our patients leads or prospects and we don’t focus on ROI or KPI. That’s why it is so challenging for us to communicate the marketing wants and needs of our practice to a marketing company or web design firm. It is difficult and terribly time-consuming.

The typical web design company has no appreciation for what you face all day. That’s why Optimized360 was created. For Doctors by Doctors. We know and understand your practice management model, your budget concerns, your ambitions and your goals. And we know how to help you achieve these. Today, we build stunning, effective, patient-focused websites and develop successful online marketing programs for dentists and other medical professionals. We provide our clients with exclusive and custom website designs, original professionally-written content, photography, imagery and even videos so you don’t have to be an expert in a field outside of your own.

With a website from Optimized360, your medical or dental practice will surely look unique, not like any other website. It will professionally convey your brand and reputation, and if you don’t have a brand – together we will build one. And if being found online by new patients is one of your objectives, our proven online marketing programs will accomplish this goal. We are honored to be considered as your online marketing partner, and we are eager to earn your trust. I strongly believe that you deserve a website as awesome and impressive as you are.”


Dr. Sean F., CEO

Irvine, CA

Optimized360 is a leading internet marketing firm for dentists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals both in the US and internationally. We’ve developed a unique formula that produces effective and efficient web presence solutions for doctors of all specialties. Watch these videos from our clients.

Core Values


We encourage growth and knowledge through unlimited amounts of learning. Whether it is learning about your teammate or discovering the latest in coding...Knowledge is power and it supplies an unlimited amount of growth to you.


This is what allows you to be inspired and also to inspire those around you. Creativity can excite and challenge your mind everyday. Success starts with those who allow their minds to think outside the box and to let others feed of this excitement.

Positivity and Beliefs

As a company, we believe in ourselves and take pride in everything that is created. It’s not just about websites or marketing, but it’s also about the results that are derived from our work, relationships and skills. If you believe in your work, only positivity can come from it. We’re behind you 100%!

Reliability and Trust

Open arms is where we start. Give the best treatment to clients and the same with our team. We invest all of our resources to include the team and for that, we hope others can contribute the same to each other.

Chemistry and Loyalty

Working together as a family requires everyone to participate. All members are treated equally and we hope that all would treat each other and the company the same.


We believe if you’re going to be here for most of your day, let’s make it fun! It’s important to us that not only our clients are happy, but also our team. Having a stressful day? Take a walk! Need a breather? Let us know how we can help. Your positive energy will also be relayed to those around to, so keep that smile on.


One of the best feelings is to receive more than expected. While we have standards and rules, it’s always nice to put a smile on anyone’s face whether it be to our clients or to team members. Overdeliver in all you do, as it is always appreciated.

Why Optimized360? The Top 5 Reasons

1. Specialized In Healthcare

We are 100% focused on marketing for healthcare providers. We know the industry, the specialties, the terminology and the dynamics of how a medical or dental practice is run. We know what works and what is needed to create a stunning visual representation of your practice. Dentists, physicians, chiropractors, optometrists and other healthcare professionals have been coming to us for years when they need high-quality design work and effective marketing.

2. Experience In Getting Results

Our team of designers has developed over 2,000 unique dental and medical websites. That is among the highest in the industry. Most other large companies numbers are around 100 or so designs, which means every 200 clients have the exact same design! We understand how busy you are so we provide everything you need from the patient education material for your specialty, videos and practice-related content to appointment alerts and online patient forms. Every year we deliver millions of ad impressions and thousands of new patients to our clients’ websites. See examples.

3. Quality Of Work

Our websites are simply better. Clean and optimized code, high-quality graphic design, fast download, mobile compatibility and advanced SEO are just a few examples of areas we are ahead of the pack. All of this translates into more exposure because Google ranks quality websites higher on the search result pages. Our websites continually rank better than the competition in quality, mobile compatibility, and speed.

4. Competitive Pricing

On average our fees are half of the other companies that offer a similar service. Even though we create exclusive custom designs, our pricing is in line with most template companies. Get a free quote. We are so confident that our pricing is competitive, we will beat any likewise quote from other companies by 10%.

5. Client Satisfaction

And best of all we offer personalized, live, US-based support to all our clients. We have earned a 5-star ranking thanks to Google reviewers. Allow us to help you build a more successful practice. Contact us today!


To help you better compare the quality of our websites with some of our top competitors, we have used Google Webmaster Tool to run some tests to demonstrate how others measure up in terms of web page design, website speed, code quality, mobile friendliness, and other important features. We have removed the names to prevent disputes, but are more than happy to share the information with you if you give us a call. Simply run the tests yourself to see the results live using Google Website Quality Test. Keep in mind these are the results of their own websites! We only can assume their client websites are not in a better shape. These tests were run on May 18, 2015 and Jan of 2016.

Success Stories

Google. Five Stars. I use Optimized 360 for my medical websites. They have done a phenomenal job, my patients love the websites (as do I). Sandie has created a beautiful website for me. Belinda the creative director is simply a genius and super hard working! I appreciate all their work especially because I’m pretty specific and demanding with what I want, and Optimized 360 has delivered pretty much everything I could ask for. Highly recommended!!! - Alicia MacGowan Google. Five Stars. Great company, i started with an initial project for a pediatric dental website and liked it so much that i have them do another one for me. Top notch, very professional and prompt. - Dr. Steven Delisle Business Review Central. Five Stars. Love our new website. Started off a little rocky, but very quick to get us all on the same page. Very quick to make any adjustment and changes as needed as well.- Sandy @ Bates Dental Google. Five Stars. I've been working with Danny and his team for almost 10 years now, even before they became Optimized360. Everyone I've come across has been very helpful and now I have the opportunity to update my initial website and make it look modern. Business Review Central. Five Stars. Been working with them for 8 years. All my websites and SEO have been great. Amazing experience and helpful. I can reach them 24 hours a day and a get answers to all my questions. They ROCK. DR Simon Google. Five Stars. I love this company. They are very good with techno "idiots" like me ;0) I am a small company and do everything myself. They explained everything so that I could understand it. The customization was amazing, and I love that for small things I can edit it myself. Any time I have something a bit more complex they are very prompt and efficient with their solutions. Love my website. - Dr. Moira Tucker Google. Five Stars. I was extremely "gun shy" after a very bad experience with a previous web designer ...my office manager and I realized we were dealing with a knowledgeable and professional team. I appreciate so much the personal care that I have received. - Leesa Miyasato DDS Business Review Central. Five Stars. I'm very happy with my new site. I found the designers to be very responsive to changes. With being busy it was great to be able to communicate with e-mail. - Dena Marcus Google. Five Stars. Just signed up with Optimized360 a few days ago. Not only did we totally redesign our site, but the step by step instructions and help they provided made what could have been a long tedious process very straightforward and simple! - Jason Conforti Business Review Central. Five Stars. Very friendly and professional design team. They listened to my vision and made it a reality. They are quick and easy to contact. Overall very pleasant experience. Thank you!

Who We Are

Optimized360 is a leading internet marketing firm for dentists, physicians and other healthcare professionals in the U.S. and internationally. We’ve developed a unique formula that produces effective and efficient web presence solutions for doctors of all specialties.

Our expertise in innovative marketing trends has propelled our clients to the front page of search engine results and provided significant web exposure. Online marketing has never been more crucial to doctors as it is now. Staying competitive in your field and keeping your online presence is absolutely necessary for attracting new patients. Optimized360 is the ultimate solution to your online needs.


Our team has over 10 years of experience providing online marketing and web design solutions to doctors. Our designers have developed over 2,000 unique website designs. Every year we deliver millions of ad impressions and thousands of patients to our clients’ practices.


The Science of It All: Colors, Anatomy and Layout

We focus on more than the simple aesthetics of a design layout. Anyone with a good eye can determine what looks appealing, but we go beyond simple visual stimulation. We understand the concepts behind the science of colors, user interaction and user experience. Our designs are visually beautiful and functional. Our clients tell us what they’re looking for in terms of branding and we make it happen through the use of colors, page anatomy and layout theme. We build our medical and dental websites from scratch, fully customizing it to our client needs. A family doctor from a small town will need a website design different from a surgeon from a big city to best suit their patients. Applying these concepts to a design makes a major difference in the user experience and how potential patients perceive the nature of the doctor and overall practice.


Pricing: Why We Can’t be Beaten?

Medical professionals come to us when they want to get a fair price for online marketing services. After doing exhaustive price point analysis of our packages versus our competitors, our clients ultimately choose us for our competitive pricing, value, customer care and our unrivaled tech support. We focus on custom websites built from scratch, unlike our competitors who heavily rely on a template based systems. Because we specialize in website design for healthcare practitioners specifically, we’ve developed an efficient system that allows us to keep our prices fair and honest.

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