5 Axis Dental

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Being a full-service dental laboratory, 5 AXIS Dental Lab specialize in implants, all-ceramics, and digital design using people traditional impressions and digital scans. Proud in what they do, they have been rapidly growing their customer base and is serving dentists all across North America. Jonathon Mursic has 30 years of experience working in this industry and within those years, he has been working with CAD/CAM technology for 12 years. In addition, he in the progress of creating his own Ipad app that allows dentists to view and modify their custom implant abutments within minutes.

The website designed for 5 AXIS Dental Lab include an advanced slideshow and specialty content. The design is to demonstrate their great works in their dental lab and what creations come out of it. We feature real-life examples of their products and showcase their dedication in the service they provide to dentists.