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Dr. Sam Hsu has established Vision Plus with the mission to help those who seek eye care and treatment. They have a variety of frames that their patients will for sure find the perfect fit. He wants to make sure his patients are comfortable with his office and that they can trust him to take care of their vision. Eyesight is very important and he understands that it tends to be uncomfortable with blurry visions. He is there to make sure that everyone has a solution to their eye problem and that they find a comfortable fit for their eyes.

This optometry website was created to showcase Dr. Hsu his passion in optometry. We have designed a website that is informative towards eye care and what services they may offer. There is a contact form that is convenient for the user to contact the office. The social media sites are established in order to enhance their marketing efforts. Lastly, their website is SEO friendly so that they can be above their competitors.

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