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Overview of the Design

Being a family dental office, US Family Dental wanted to create a warm, friendly and welcoming space for visitors. We opened with large, real-life images of smiling individuals of all ages with beautiful, healthy smiles. This is followed by more images – all of which are bright and vibrant. The home page then bypasses the traditional welcome greeting, instead getting right to the heart of what makes US Family Dental different from the rest.

The remainder of the website contains information about the practice; including answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. A promotions section allows the practice to update and utilized current offers to attract new patients. We also included extensive information about the services offered at the practice, followed by a smile gallery and an additional section for educational articles. Finally, the testimonials section encourages guests to schedule an appointment, and the Contact page provides additional information about practice hours and location.

Use of Colors

The colors used on this custom dental website are perhaps the first thing many visitors notice. Rather than muted neutrals, the owner of this practice wanted to make a visual statement with the use of bold shades of green and purple. These rich hues are bright and cheerful, and they exude confidence with the hope that viewers will assume any experience at US Family Dental will be a positive one.

Analysis of Design Elements

We created a dental website with wall-to-wall features, including large, scrolling, billboard images of smiling families atop the home page. Immediately, viewers recognize that this is a family practice that provides quality oral care for patients of all ages. An interactive picture menu follows, with bright images that depict the sections of the website they link to. For example, the image of a smiling child links to the pediatric dental care section, and the picture of a smiling retired couple links to information about dentures.

Marketing Aspect

Right away, visitors to this dental website are encouraged to call the office via a phone number posted to the top of the home page. We also made it possible to request an appointment directly from the website thanks to an integrated form within the Contact page. For those still deciding on a new dental care provider, the smile gallery offers before and after images depicting the types of results many patients achieve after undergoing care and treatment at US Family Dental. Finally, highly optimized content drives traffic directly from search engines to this website, which is a highly effective online dental marketing technique.

Regardless of how strong our online dental marketing efforts may be, we also know that individual patient reviews and word of mouth remain the most powerful representations of a practice. That is why we created an entire section of this website to patient testimonials. Unlike independent review websites, where reviews can be misconstrued and weighted against a practice, this testimonial page features stand-out reviews of the practice from real, satisfied patients.

Image the Website Represents

This website seeks attention from its visitors through its use of imagery and color. It is not formal or aloof, but rather the overall image the site represents is one of a practice where patients of any age are welcome and can achieve and maintain the smile of their dreams.

Dental Website Designed by Optimized360

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