Total Family Healthcare

Total Family Healthcare

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Total Family Healthcare in Clermont, Florida, is home to a small family practice – dedicated to providing compassionate care and personalized family medicine. These professionals service patients of all ages; from patients as young as six years old to adults and seniors. Total Family Healthcare places the patient’s health and well-being as their first priority. They offer plenty of preventative services and treatment options such as weight loss programs, massage therapy, and substance abuse therapy. Dr. Jakob, the founder of Total Family Healthcare, also specializes in immigration physicals.

Design Overview

For alternative medicine specialties, we understand that the client’s niche in health care is sometimes scrutinized. We made sure to predominantly feature credentials, testimonials, and educational information on the site. This is to ensure that incoming potential patients have a peace of mind when browsing through the site. The navigation bar is spacious and easy to maneuver through. It is also the home to their service information, blog, and contact information. On the home page, we made sure to include a little bit of everything. You will notice additional links extending you to various parts of the website. This includes new patient forms and patient resourcing.

Use of Color

To complement the alternative niche, we kept to a light color theme using beige and tan. This will allow readers to read informationals without having to overextend their eyesight. The tan is also highlighted with a hint of blue that plays well in adding a bit of contrast. The blue pops over the light colors – a perfect way to address a call to action without coming off as too aggressive or pushy.

Design Elements

Navigation Menu

We went with more simple design elements when it came to building this website. This allows readers plenty of space to roam and navigate. The About Us page is simple and effective; the Services tab is direct and informative. In short, every word has a meaning on the website. No space is left uncharted for no particular reason. We also incorporated several internal hyperlinks and images that reflect the professionalism and compassion of the Total Family team. This gives readers a more comprehensive approach of the profession before even stepping foot in the office.

Marketing Aspect

On the navigation menu, you will find a patient portal link to allow access to additional features for returning clients. Total Health also runs an informative blog, displayed on the navigation bar. Blogging is one of the best ways to organically grow your site. In addition to blogging, we made sure to generate the most site traffic as possible by featuring social media widgets and the office phone number on the top banner on each web page. If you ever want to learn more about their weight loss program, just visit their landing page. Without having to go to any other webpage, the landing page comprises most of the main information that has made Total Family Healthcare a successful business in Clermont, Florida.

Services Offered

Image the Website Represents

The website reflects a warm, positive and safe place like home. The fresh soft-color palette pictures are attractive and inviting. The visitors feel a sense of connection with the doctor through those smiling faces on the website. One important aspect of the website is that it succeeds in creating the homely vibe making the visitor easy and comfortable to visit the facility without the scare of a hospital.

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