Total Dental Care – Dr. Zatcoff – Middle Island, NY

Total Dental Care – Dr. Zatcoff – Middle Island, NY

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A proud collection of devoted dentists for over 28 years, Total Dental Care is dedicated to providing quality dental care to families within the Middle Island in New York. Total Dental Care is managed by Dr. Zatcoff – holding his team of dentists to a high standard of excellence with the help of advanced technology. Above all else, Dr. Zatcoff aims to provide each patient with a healthy smile every time they leave the office sought to reach the same level of excellence when building his professional website!

Overview of Design

We wanted to implement a layout that would not only show the scenic nature of Middle Island, but also showcase the vast amount of dental procedures that Total Dental Care was able to provide. As the name suggests, Total Dental Care focuses on a multitude of operations ranging from dental implants to general dentistry. We created a slick navigation bar, both legible and efficient for the readers to find the information they are looking for. We also incorporated professional pictures to create a warm and inviting vibe for the visitors. The style of the website is both professional, yet laid back. Rich with special effects and a logo, we made sure that no rocks were left unturned when creating the design of the website.

Use of Colors and Design Elements

To match the persona of the pictures incorporated within the site, we opted for a wide navigation layout with a light blue background. This would make reading information much easier and pleasant for the readers. When dealing with dentistry in general, we wanted to go light on the colors to match the specialty. There is also a subtle use of squares throughout the design as well to bring all the images and text together.

Marketing Aspect

Dr. Zatcoff wanted a mixture of both imagery and education. Our navigation toolbar sits gently above the nature-filled coasts of Middle Island. We conveniently placed all the educational information according to their dentistry specialty and included a completely different tab for patient information. This includes any sort of office forms, insurance policies, and even patient reviews. We also provided Total Dental Care with an interactive map on the bottom of each page. This will make it much easier for patients to visit, find, and call the office if needed.