Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental

The staff at Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental believe that children should have a fun and easy dental experience. They focus on children from 1 year to 18 years old, as well as special needs patients. At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, their team of pediatric dentists, general dentists, and dentists anesthesiologists work together to prevent dental decay and restore your child’s beautiful smile. They are dedicated to making your child’s first dental visit a fun and enjoyable time. To help your child through the first visit they provide toys, movies, and video games to calm any anxiety. Their office is decorated with child-friendly themes.

Keeping in theme with their office environment Optimized360 has designed a pediatric design that has colorful graphics that will leave the viewer with a sense of happiness and comfort. Their website features a light and inviting atmosphere, a rotating slideshow, contact form and overall clean design to easily navigate.


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