South Atlanta Integrative Medicine

South Atlanta Integrative Medicine

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Overview of the Design

South Atlanta Integrative Medicine is a niche practice that combines the latest in medical science and technology with the body’s own healing power. This practice takes a ‘whole-body’ approach to care, working to find the source of a patient’s health issues rather than treat the symptoms alone. That is why this integrative medicine web design needed to be traditional and highly informational, so as to educate visitors on the types of services available at the practice, as well as their benefits.

This design is built upon a traditional platform with some modern elements interwoven into the details. It is not a flashy design, but rather a space with balanced attention to the various needs of visitors, whether they are looking for more information about integrative medicine or hoping to find out more about the office itself. The home page features a prominent logo, followed by a navigational bar. We then provided links to the patient portal, an office tour, and a list of the types of conditions the practice treats.

Throughout the remainder of the site, we offer the opportunity to find out more about the physicians, the types of services offered, and the types of payment options available to patients both with and without insurance. As an added bonus, existing patients visiting this website have the ability to schedule, change, and make appointments directly through the patient portal.

Use of Colors

We chose colors for this website that were complementary to the practice logo. Green and orange are bright a cheerful, giving the impression that a pain-free future is possible with integrative medical treatment. A bright white background is traditional and professional, and it also sets the stage for the extensive amounts of information provided throughout the site.

Analysis of Design Elements

Given that a majority of web users now access websites via their mobile devices, we also created a unique, mobile-friendly version of the website designed for rapid loading and customized to highlight the most important aspects of the site.

Marketing Aspect

As a holistic and integrative medicine practice, this office wanted to spotlight some special services they offer that set them apart from their competition. Specifically, we featured IV therapy, allergy testing, and cold laser therapy on the home page. These therapies can be incredibly advantageous for those seeking a healthier, pain-free life, yet many people are unaware of their benefits. We rounded out the home page with glowing reviews from existing patients, although an entire patient testimonial page can be found from the site navigation bar.

Image the Website Represents

This website represents an image of professionalism and a commitment to doing what is right by the patient. Visitors learn the practice places importance on wellness and equipping the body with the tools it needs to heal, recover, and live in optimal health. Shades of green compliment pictures of a tree lined path, suggesting that the path to a healthier life begins by taking a step in the right direction.

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