Smiles By Mike Cosmetic Dentistry – Sacramento, CA

Smiles By Mike Cosmetic Dentistry – Sacramento, CA

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Dr. Micheal L. Green is the owner of Mike’s Cosmetic Dentistry in Sacramento, California. With over two decades of dental care, Dr. Green plants himself as one of the leaders in dentistry. Dr. Green and his team services to his patient’s health, functionality, and beauty of their smile through excellence, integrity, and education. When you have over two decades in the industry, you do not need to add all the glitz and glam that other websites feature. Your work and experience will speak for itself. We made sure to design a website that was both simple, and effective to bring in new clients.

Overview of Design

Contact Form

The main form of navigation throughout the website is through the navigation menu. The navigation menu is the predominant feature that will help readers move through the site. It is the home to their detailed FAQ, patient forms, and services available. The homepage is simple yet informative in providing incoming traffic with the services and office information that the incoming visitors would need. We also rounded out the home page by providing a basic contact widget for patients who would like to contact Dr. Green themselves.

Use of Color

We opted to keep the color theme extremely basic to match all the other features of the site. The site is predominately covered with black text over a white background to allow optimal readability. The wide navigation and spacing allow readers ample space to navigate throughout the website without feeling overwhelmed. We highlighted certain aspects of the website with a hint of blue to add a bit of pop to the navigation. This is also the perfect balance between coming off as too old school or too fancy for any audience. The colors and design of the website cater to a wide audience range. Younger patients will find the site easy to handle. Older patients will find the site as a welcome change from all the overly-fancy dental websites scattered over the web.

Design Elements

Services Available

We wanted to keep a constant presence of education over the website. Through the use of square borders, we highlighted the different services available at the office. Under the services tab, Dr. Green has listed all the procedures that his dental team has to offer. To add a touch of personality, each procedure comes with a high-grade image along with a fun fact about the procedure to help the information digest and resonate with the patient. As the site is family-orientated, all the pictures on the website are a direct reflection of the services provided. They function well around the surrounding text and helps create the perfect harmony between visuals and typography.

Marketing Aspect


Marketing your website is essential to persuading any skeptical client. The about us page features a closer look at the office space as well as the office team. The smile gallery is a visual testament to Dr. Green’s experience and success rate. Their FAQ is detailed and compact. Due to the simple nature of the website, any patient forms or services listed on the site can also be accessed through a mobile device and can be loaded quite quickly.

Image the Website Represents

This site demonstrates a clear, minimalist design for the end user that makes scheduling, getting information, and navigation throughout the site a breeze.  This site is perfect for those looking for a lightweight site that’s easy to navigate and lets the content speak for itself. There is a contact form conveniently located on the homepage; all the contact information from the California natives is easily locatable at all times.

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