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List your practice for more exposure to the people within your area and gain notoriety faster. We are here to help patients and doctors find that perfect match. Build your online reputation and attract new patients by doing what you do best. Find out what your current patients have to say about you. This business website features a clean and simple design where key information is easily accessible to the viewer. Featured at the top is the search bar that allows visitors to find top doctors in their area.

Overview of the Website

This website allows potential patients to search for doctors in their area. Despite serving a niche group of customers, this site is a managed business website – not an individual practice website. Therefore, it must not only appeal to the physicians who choose to list their practices on the site, but also to the users and potential patients who are looking for a user-friendly experience. Since most visitors to the site are searching for a doctor, the option of searching for a specialty and location are offered right away on the home screen. Below that, users are given an example of what they might find when searching for a top doctor in their area. In the listings, an option is provided to make a direct appointment with the office of a listed physician the user chooses. Finally, there is a subtle call to action for medical professionals who may be interested in listing their practice and building their online reputation through the website.

Use of Colors

Blue is a somewhat universal color when it comes to medical and dental practices. It represents hygiene, relaxation, health, and optimism. For that reason, we chose blue and white for this custom doctor search website, since it must appeal to medical providers in all fields of practice.

Analysis of Design Elements

This is a simple home page web design with more complex features on the pages that follow. To view physician listings, users simply type their search protocols into the provided fields. For physicians wishing to list their practice, a log-in and account is required. Since there are no services outside of the search and appointment options, and no additional pages to reference, there is no need for a traditional navigational menu.

Marketing Aspect

This website is less about content and more about actionable services. Potential patients are immediately given a call to action and opportunity to search for a provider in their area. Physicians can see the value in the site’s services and will find their own call to action at the bottom of the site. There, they can create and account and list their own practice with the website.

Image the Website Represents

All of the images on this custom doctor search website are generic, yet relevant to the topic. Background images of a metropolitan remind physicians of the importance of competing for the attention of new patients. Likewise, the image of a nameless, faceless medical professional on the home page help patients identify with the purpose of the site in a way that best suits their needs.

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