Cherrywood Dental – South Savage, MN

Cherrywood Dental – South Savage, MN

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Design Overview

Cherrywood Dental Care in Savage, MN, is a dental practice built on a simple, essential foundation: They provide patients with the best compassionate dental care, delivered by professionals who believe in comprehensive care and patient education, in a welcoming, relaxing environment. Dr. Zettler envisioned a dental website with a personal touch.  The script writing for her practice name and patterned backgrounds give her website a personal appearance.  The light colors are friendly and inviting.  The navigation menu is conveniently located at the top of the website for easy access to information.

Use of Color

We utilized a simple purple color theme to create a nature-like scenery. In addition to the professional still shots provided by the team, the colors help add another layer of visuals. We primarily used darker hues of purple to highlight calls to action on the home page and navigation bar. When placed side by side along with the white from the background, purple helps add a memorable aesthetic to the site.

Elements of Design

The full-width display at hand with Cherrywood Dental compliments the elegant and classy style that any general dentist aspires for on their website. Using a combination of informational content, videos, and social media, Dr. Zettler blends together a perfect recipe for both younger and older audiences. At the very top of the screen, just above the navigation bar, is all the contact information at display.  The pictures displayed throughout the website are mature and professional. They help set the compassionate dental care tone that Dr. Zettler wished for.

Marketing Aspect

On the navigation bar, Dr. Zettler also hosts a smile gallery and testimonials for incoming patients. When you scroll over the dental services, it displays the wide array of services that Cherrywood dental offers. The contact form even comes with an interactive map for patients who want to check their driving distance. The font is legible and compliments the background display nicely. To add icing on the cake, Cherrywood Dental is hacker-free due to SSL Security.

Image the Website Reflects

The about us page features a great introduction to the team and places their priorities in the perspective for the client. The reviews page has an interactive review plug-in that boasts their 4.9/5.0 score. Complete with patient forms and referrals, Cherrywood Dental ensures that from the beginning of the dental journal to the last dental treatment, ensuring patient satisfaction is the Cherrywood Dental team’s first and final priority.


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