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Created by two graduates from Stanford and UC Davis, they had seen the growing need for cone bean CT Technology in dental and medical imaging. Marshall Brickeen and Aimee Roberts over a decade of experience in dental technology and create their mission “Make a Difference.” What makes Reveal Diagnostic such an amazing and reliable clinic are due to the follow:

  • Reveal uses the lowest-radiation dental CT imaging in the San Francisco Bay Area because we feel that makes a difference in patient health
  • Reveal offers the most affordable CBCT scans in San Francisco, Mountain View and Oakland because we want to reduce the financial barrier to adding this critical technology to patient care.
  • Reveal provides free 3D imaging software and training to all doctors because want you to make the most of the CBCT data and have full knowledge when planning or operating.
  • Reveal maintains free education classes because we want to share knowledge for the betterment of everybody.
  • Reveal employs only hospital-certified technicians for our cone beam CT scanning because we want the most precise imaging and professional treatment for your patients.
  • Reveal Diagnostics strives to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in patient scanning and treatment planning, and everything we do reflects that commitment.

The great feature of this medical website is that this is an exclusive design for Reveal Diagnostic. They have a unique homepage where you can easily select what information you may need as a current/future patient. we have created them an online contact form. In addition, we have provided an online website editor that they can use to personalize their website or just be part of the process of maintaining the website.

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