Sadati Center of Esthetic Dentistry

Sadati Center of Esthetic Dentistry

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Overview of the Design

When visitors arrive at this general dentistry website, they feel as if they have been admitted into an exclusive area where high-end treatment and attentiveness is the standard of care. Much like the practice, this website is very posh, with an ornate header designed to coincide with the practice logo and décor. We opted for an elegant style draping a traditional, yet modern design layout. From the carefully selected cursive font to the beautifully placed patient imagery, no detail was unnoticed in the creating of this website.

Since general dentists have more local competition than specialists, our goal was to help Dr. Sadati’s practice stand out from the rest. We highlighted multiple real-life testimonials, provided a tour of the office, and introduced readers to the high-end technology available at the practice. From the ease of making an appointment to the extensive availability of patient education on the site, our goal was to ensure potential patients had access to all of the information they were seeking.

Use of Colors

Red and gold have long been considered colors of luxury and opulence. This practice already implements these colors into its physical location and its logo. It only made sense to continue that them into this custom general dentistry website, effectively branding the site and creating harmony across the digital and physical spaces. We also used a bright white background at strategic places throughout the site to help break-up the richness of the red and gold tones.

Analysis of Design Elements

The parallax scroll is the stand-out feature on this website, since it captivates the reader’s attention as he or she scrolls down the page. A red and gold foreground appears to scroll with a three-dimensional effect over a bright background image depicting the dentist and his credentials. This gives visitors the sense that the practice is forward-thinking and up-to-date on the latest in modern dental services and technology.

Marketing Aspect

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and we use it as an above the fold home page feature that visitors will see right away. All of the testimonials are actual statements from real patients at Dr. Sadati’s office. Moving down the page, we highlighted a statement from Dr. Sadati himself, as well as some of the professional organizations and prestigious associations he is affiliated with.

In a visual tour of the office, potential patients can see a concierge desk, beverage bar, and a relaxing and comfortable consultation suite. We also spotlight the luxury services available, including paraffin wax treatments, aromatherapy, massage chairs, DVD-viewing during treatment, and more. Finally, we offer an opportunity to request an appointment directly from the website.

Image the Website Represents

The images on this website primarily depict happy patients who are more than satisfied with the level of care they receive at this practice. Multiple professional-quality images of real patients adorn the site’s home page, followed by a complete tour of the office itself and the high-end luxury services it provides.

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