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Royal Oak Dental Group provides a full scope of dental health services for patients all across North Carolina. With a focus on general and cosmetic dentistry, we made sure to customize a website design that would capture the essence of  North Carolina and place them head and shoulders above the competition.

Design Overview

With a personalized leaf logo that captures the nature of North Carolina, new site visitors are immediately greeted on the home page by the Royal Oak dentists themselves on our rotating image gallery. Creating a memorable impression through a modern, full-width modern design was our goal with this website. Underneath the team’s rotating image gallery, we included real-patient testimonials and the location/contact information of their respective offices. We rounded out the home page with a short but concise mission statement from the North Carolina natives.

Use of Color

We used a blend of blue and grey in our color theme to help capture the professional manner that reflects the dental group. Also the color of their personalized logo, blue and grey share the ability to contrast well with each other. When used sparingly, dark blue helps catch the reader’s attention without coming off as too pushy or assertive. We primarily used dark blue to highlight the headers and several action buttons on the site. The grey is used to help balance the additional colors on the website.

Elements of Design

One standout feature on the website is the lack of a traditional navigation menu. In its place is a hamburger menu. This allows more interface space for the readers to digest and absorb information. The hamburger menu also has drop-down elements that expand when hovered over. Not only does this keep information neat and organized, but it also helps provide sensible spacing throughout the website. As with all our websites, space is expertly managed to help establish harmony with the surrounding text and images.

Throughout the website, there are images that complement the text. Most of the pictures on the website feature the team themselves. Not only does this create a more secure sense of trust with the first-time web visitors, but it also shows firsthand how much time and effort the doctors place into their craft.

Image the Website Represents

In addition to the images supplied by Royal Oaks, we also made sure to highlight their use of videos visuals as well. Visuals are a great medium for incoming patients who want to see what they are getting into. Underneath the procedures tab, patients can find hours of information about dental conditions and treatment options in their dentistry database.

The smile gallery is also a great testament to the work done by the North Carolina natives. The smile gallery features multiple successful before-and-after procedure images. Seeing is believing! Establishing a sense of security with your patients is key!

From the selection of images and elements of design to the color theme, everything on the website reflects the calculating work ethic and professionalism that Royal Oaks operates under.

Marketing Aspect

The our story tab tells the rich history behind the roots of Royal Oaks. Letting patients in on your dentistry’s story is a great way to establish a sense of personability and humaneness. It is the perfect hint of lightheartedness that is often lacked in the dental industry.

Patients also have incredibly easy access to the patient forms located on the hamburger menu. Not only does this mean less time spent in the waiting room, but this also translates to more time with the specialists at hand. To top it all off, Royal Oaks understands how important it is to keep patient information secure. As a result, they have incorporated SSL Security into their website. This means that patient information will be inaccessible to hackers around the world.

We also made sure that incoming patients never missed a chance to schedule an appointment with Royal Oaks by incorporating a scheduling widget on every web page to the left-hand side.


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