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Overview of the Design

Dr. Swann is an orthopedic surgeon with impressive credentials and a reputation for thoroughness and meticulous care. We wanted to create a custom website that upheld his brand and also set the foundation for local online orthopedic marketing. In designing this site, we wanted to create a digital space that serves as a home base for his digital advertising and communication efforts. We believe that this website is the best of both worlds, providing a professional and traditional layout that is well-balanced with modern effects and integrated social media features.

Patient testimonials are scattered throughout the website, ensuring visitors have the opportunity to learn about the positive experiences of others. We used carefully selected images to represent the surgeon’s background on the home page, as well as multiple opportunities to connect with the practice via phone, Facebook, or the appointment request form available on multiple pages throughout the site.

We included extensive patient education articles that provide information about the types of joint replacement and reconstructive procedures offered by Dr. Swann, as well as some of the conditions treated by the practice. As an added convenience, we also included patient forms and post-op recovery instructions in an area of the website dedicated to new and existing patients.

Use of Colors

Blue and gold are the hallmarks of this website not only because they are complementary of each other, but also because of the message they send to new visitors. We chose a blue gradient that added depth to the site’s background, but also emphasizes the professionalism of the office. Gold gives stature and importance to the practice, giving potential patients the sense that they can trust Dr. Swann and his team.

Analysis of Design Elements

Though this orthopedic website has a traditional layout, it is far from boring. We include a standard menu bar atop the home page, but widened it to a full-screen width. The entire site is responsive and designed to fit the device it is being viewed on, whether a large desktop computer or a smartphone. Moving through the home page, patient testimonials seem to ‘float’ into place, and images flip over when selected, revealing the featured areas within the website that they link to.

Marketing Aspect

For an orthopedic surgeon, it is important to manage your reputation with both the patient and the referring physicians. In addition to an impressive selection of patient reviews, we also included appointment request forms and an integrated social media section that displays Dr. Swann’s recent posts and encourages visitors to like his page. We were also careful to include content that has been engineered for optimal search engine rankings.

Image the Website Represents

This website’s image is by far a professional one, with a portrait of Dr. Swann himself greeting visitors at the top of the home page. The idea on this website is to keep visitors engaged without allowing them to be distracted from the surgeon’s qualifications and abilities.

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