Shikosha Dental Laboratory

Shikosha Dental Laboratory

Shikosha Dental Laboratory has proudly been serving the community of Portland and the greater Northwest for over 50 years. They are full-service lab and have grown so much since being discovered in 1963 by Takeshi Yoshida which has grown to become one of the largest dental laboratories in the region. They utilized the highest-quality materials and the latest technology to provide the best products and value in the region.

Shikosha offers restorations ranging from All-Ceramic, Metal-Based and Zirconia crowns, to Implants and Removable appliances, including Hybrids, Overdentures, and Milled Bars. Their clients appreciate the outstanding quality, uncompromising consistency, superior service and ongoing communication that Shikosha has to offer.

To continue their legacy, we have designed a website that showcases their modernity and sophistication for this practice. Some features of this dental lab web design are an exclusive design, specialty content and website editor. It provides the user information about their lab while being simplistic in its design.

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