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Refined, professional, down to earth, these three elements are clearly brought together in the P2P Training sites design. From the opening image to the inclusion of elements including rustic wood and warm colors give you an immediate understanding of the kind of company and staff you’ll be working with at P2P Training.

Overview of the Design

There’s a fair measure of apprehension that comes along with the idea of being educated or mentored. All of us have had poor experiences where the educational experience is cool, distant, clinical, and none of it promises positive futures. P2P Training’s design sought to immediately override these experiences by presenting an inviting and lodge-like appearance, making an invitation to their classes feel more like a trip to a company get-away at a relaxing lodge than a boring seminar or class.

Use of Colors

The colors of the website were selected to present a welcoming presence, to immediately offset certain assumptions that visitors may have about an educational setting. The warm browns and cool grays come together to calm the visitor, creating the idea that an educational experience with P2P Training will be a welcome escape from the office rather than something to be endured. Take the white on gray presentation of the text, for instance. The white text is really more of a muted gray presented on a background of darker gray, making it easier to read and soothing to the eyes, all elements of harshness have been carefully polished out of the design of this site.

Analysis of Design Elements

Careful consideration went into selecting every element of the design of this website, from the central presentation of the P2P Training logo to the gently moving image that appears behind it, seeming to pull you in. Below that welcoming image comes a series of soft, compassionate smiles with enough energy to be welcoming while being soft enough to promise a pleasant experience. Professionals, especially those who provide educational opportunities, are often perceived as being aloof. The use of the rustic wood background behind the “Meet The Doctors” helps to lend the images a down-to-earth appearance, while the carefully selected orange color presents a touch of warmth to this section. It is only after the presentation of the educators that testimonials are offered, ensuring that as visitors read the testimonials they’ll have the face of the relevant doctor in mind, helping to create first impressions from the beginning.

Marketing Aspect

The overall design of the website steadily brings visitors through the site, introducing you to each new element that P2P training offers and gently guiding them to want to know more. When they’ve finally reached the bottom of the page, they’re ready to ask for more information and get on board with the P2P Training’s program. How convenient then that the address, phone number, and contact form are all there waiting, including a link to the relevant social media outlets.

Image the Website Reflects

Our design was aimed at immediately welcoming visitors to the site and creating a positive idea of what time with P2P Training would be like. P2P is a friendly and positive atmosphere of peers, with educators that engage with their students in an environment of shared knowledge and information, rather than one handing down information to an inferior. Every element of the design, from the warm colors, rustic wood, and choice of design lend themselves to this ultimate design.

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