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Opus Medical presents a medical establishment that works in an area of medicine that may sound like it’s in the realm of science fiction for many web visitors. Some of the images that have been selected for the understated slideshow at the top reflect this. It bears a professional and medical appearance while simultaneously having all the hallmarks of a fashion angle. The perfect blending of a medical website and cosmetic imagery brings it together for the Opus Medical Regenerative Medicine group.

Overview Of The Design

From the very beginning it’s clear that the website is designed for people who know what they’re looking for and are looking to give a professional call for further consultation. This is evident from both the placement of the email address and phone number prevalent at the top, as well as the immediate introduction of the services. Results from these procedures are hinted at in the slideshow, but its clear that potential patients are meant to either call right away, or dive into the information about their services, especially their spa offerings. This site is clearly aimed at visitors who are knowledgeable about the industry and the service it offers.

Use Of Colors

As is appropriate for a website dedicated to a medical establishment and medical spa this site bears a color scheme that would be equally at home on a professional medical website as a cosmetics website. The deliberate use of neutral colors, especially shades of brown with beige showing prominently, is further evidence of this. With a color scheme traditionally found on cosmetic surgery websites, the site appeals to those who spend a great deal of time concerning themselves with their appearance and who may be concerned about aging.

Analysis Of Design Elements

The introductory slideshow is deliberately understated, with the site focusing much more directly on the services that are being offered. As you proceed down the page further information about the services are offered before finally introducing the professional who will be providing them. This kind of design scheme sends a subtle message that the patient is the focus here, as well as the work. Following the introduction of the professional it goes on to a convenient scheduling form before introducing the company’s social media connections at the bottom.

Marketing Aspect

It’s clear from the beginning, this site is about getting the patient directly to the services and converting them from visitor to customer directly. Little time is spent on describing the services on the landing page, implying that many of the visitors are there looking for specific services they are already well versed on. The links at the top send them directly to more information and the about us page where the professionals qualifications are listed out.

The Image this Website Reflects

Professional services from a knowledgeable source for patients who are eager to regain their youthful appearance and get back out conquering the world. Visitors to this website will be immediately taken in by its clean efficiency and focus on the work being done. Definitely a site for someone targeting an educated clientele looking for someone to provide the services their looking for rather than becoming further educated on them. The information is there, but its placement presumes prior knowledge.


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