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Kidz Smile Center

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Dr. Kim’s ultimate goal is to provide all of her patients with memorable, fun, and anxiety-free dental visits. He has a strong commitment to educating his patients on preventative oral hygiene and nutritional habits. At our practice, we select only the best of the best to serve our patients and their families. All of our staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and highly proficient in their office duties. Dr. Kim visualized a fun dental website that would attract all kids.  We used bright colors and entertaining characters that would help her young patients feel comfortable about visiting her office.  His junior patients can easily navigate the website on their own as well.

Design Overview

Pediatric dental websites allow for greater creativity in their design and appearance than many other types of medical specialties. For Kidz Smile Pediatric Center, we wanted to create a space that reflects the friendly and gentle nature of the practice. The design is playful, combining colorful illustration with images of smiling children. A traditional navigation menu anchors the side of each page. We tied the illustration and typography on the home page altogether by providing additional contact information and a contact button.

Colorful Illustration

Use of Color

With pediatric sites, we always keep the audience in mind. The bright colors throughout the website will be attractive to both parents and children. The colorful illustrations will help children interested in the website, and ultimately push their parents to commit to the dentistry!

Elements of Design

Navigation Menu

By placing the navigation menu on the side of the web page, this allows more space for visitors to explore the website. The light-brown background also allows optimal readability as well. No one likes an unlegible website! Especially not parents. Making a lasting first impression is important. We placed an FAQ and Dr. Kim’s mission statement on the navigation menu for easy access. All the typography and borders work well in harmony to accentuate the colorful design.

Marketing Aspect

The colorful illustrations and images make for a great first impression. The FAQ page is a great way to ease any sort of dental anxiety from both parents and children. In addition, Dr. Kim runs a dental blog. Blogging is a great way to inform and educate your patients to raise your dental case acceptance rate.

Quick Links

When you combine all the imagery and visuals with the rich amount of informational volume, you have the blueprint to successful website design. We implemented multiple links to Dr. Kim’s social media throughout the various web pages. If you ever get lost, all the contact information is located on the bottom banner of each page!

Image the Website Represents

All the elements of design on Dr. Kim’s website represent the approachable, kid-friendly, nature of his practice. Dental work is important, especially for children! We made sure to design the site in accordance with this importance.


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