Massih Orthodontics

Massih Orthodontics

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Overview of the Design

Massih Orthodontics aims to be at the forefront of orthodontic care and treatment with cutting-edge services and technology that set them apart from the competition. We wanted to build a custom orthodontic website that celebrates those distinctions and differentiates Massih Orthodontics from other local orthodontic offices.

This website has a quirky, yet modern appeal, ensuring it stands out and makes a memorable impression. We moved the navigation bar below the header image, which depicts a welcoming photo of Dr. Massih herself. Next, we created a brief welcome and a secondary custom menu bar that redirects to various areas of the website, such as a before-and-after gallery and FAQs page.

Use of Colors

This website is set against a background of green, turquoise, and black. Together, these colors contrast with bold geometric patterns to create a stand-out design. The colors are cheerful and modern, giving the impression that Massih Orthodontics is a progressive practice that is setting new standards for care.

Analysis of Design Elements

Building a custom website for orthodontists means interpreting the image and vision of the office and depicting it in a way that represents the practice well. For this site, we opted for a full-width layout that makes the best use of all the visible space on the viewer’s screen. It is highly responsive and functional across many viewing platforms, including desktops, tablets, and smartphone devices. We created diamond-shaped tiles that redirect to various areas of the website and change colors when selected. We also integrated an interactive map to the practice to help first-time visitors find the office. As an added bonus, we made it possible for new and existing patients to download patient forms directly from the website to help reduce office wait times.

Marketing Aspect

We included many different marketing elements within this design, including an invitation to schedule a consultation directly from the home page. We also integrated positive patient reviews throughout the website, as well as a before-and-after gallery to show the types of results that patients may expect from this practice. Finally, we included links to the practice social media accounts so that new, existing, and future patients can stay connected with the office between visits.

Image the Website Represents

This website represents the unique and quirky image of Massih Orthodontics, which balances fun with professionalism. The bright colors and geometric shapes take the place of actual images. Dr. Massih herself welcomes visitors to the page, giving the impression that the orthodontist is a laid-back, approachable people-person.

Massih Orthodontics Website Orthodontist Website Designed by Optimized360

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