Laura Manuel, DDS

Laura Manuel, DDS

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Naples Dental Center provides excellent dental care to the community of Long Beach. Dr. Laura Manuel and her staff pride themselves on making sure that all their patients are having a great dental experience. They do oral health for all members of the family and make sure that they leave with a bright smile. Their dental website is a reflection of the elegant experience you will be encountering at Naples Dental Center. The features of this website are a patient education library, custom blog, and 24-hr website editor.

Overview of Design

As with all healthcare related websites, we understand that patient safety and satisfaction comes first above anything else. We set out on featuring the most important aspects of dental care on the navigation menu for easy access. The homepage is bare yet effective. It features a short mission statement about the company as well as a contact form and featured services. The main goal when creating this website was to have all the essentials of a successful website easily located.

Use of Color and Elements of Design

We stuck a basic color palette when designing this website – integrating tan with a sea green background. This website, in particular, is stripped of all special effects. This allows readers to hone in on the information being offered. The tan compliments the background as it allows readers the clean and spacious interface to properly digest the content on each page.

The services tab on the navigation menu offers extensive links to the different procedure options available to the clients. The office tab gives soon-to-be patients a quick look and description of the physical office located in Long Beach, California. To add a hint of flare, we custom designed the logo that proudly stands next to their service name. As with all our website designs, the typography is legible and concise.

Marketing Aspect

Located on the top banner of the website are all the social media platforms the Long Beach office has to offer. In addition, the contact form is also available on every web page on the right-hand side. The patient forms allow new patients to come prepared and get treated more quickly and efficiently. Their contact tab underneath our spacious navigation menu also features an interactive map for new patients to estimate their time of arrival at the office.