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We were contacted by this organization to design and develop a warm, welcoming website that would brighten up a visitor’s day while inspiring them to see the potential for restored beauty in themselves. The result was this lovely lavender and powder blue themed website that welcomes them in with a lovely layout and a dream-building set of options to enhance their natural beauty. From the daintily elegant logo to the inviting design, this website came out as beautiful as the patients themselves.

Overview Of The Design

The first thing to take note of in the design is the bright and welcoming home screen. Here we can find a combination of elements that really make this website pop. There’s a wonderfully framed slideshow at the top that presents a list of treatments with stunning images that capture the imagination, all set against a background of calming lavender and inspiring blue. The yellow tone of the buttons spurs the visitor to action to learn more about the featured procedure.

Use Of Colors

Blues, Whites, and Pinks are all colors that inspire comfort, warmth, and confidence. Here we see those colors presented in a soft powder tone that inspires these reactions without being too over the top. This site clearly targets those who are optimistically seeking a change that will help restore beauty and youth to their appearance and have a strong confidence in the ability of cosmetic surgery to make those changes. White is a color associated with professionalism and purity, touching the viewer with a sense of cleanliness and refreshed energy reminiscent of youth.

Analysis Of Design Elements

While contact information is available at the first landing, everything about this site’s design is decidedly low pressure. They include images of the procedures available with additional information on everything the clinic has to offer, as well as a series of before and after photos for their patients showing real-life changes that have been achieved. This element provides a sense of realism and sets proper expectations with the patient, something that is reassuring and is welcoming to many visitors.

Marketing Aspect

The marketing appeal of this site is evident, from the immediate presentation of the phone numbers and galleries through to the action buttons present on each of the slides. Additionally, there is a form located at the bottom collecting data for your email list, and a string of social media platform links at the top. The inclusion of the interior and exterior of the clinic helps potential visitors to see themselves there, while the map at the bottom provides a clear image of where the business is located.

The Image this Website Reflects

A comfortable, open, and professional clinic aimed at helping clients be their most beautiful selves. The collection of galleries shows that there are realistic expectations being set by demonstrating what these treatments can do. Additionally, it shows a business in a convenient location aimed at being part of its community and providing a happy and comfortable experience for its clients.


Golden Glow Medical Spa Medical Spa Website Designed by Optimized360

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