Children’s Happy Teeth

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Optimized360 has customized a pediatric website for Children’s Happy Teeth that captures the child’s imagination and lifts up the fears of the dentist. We have created a homepage that will direct you to different practices of Dr. Yousefi and Dr. Yasaman. We have provided them an appointment form that will give current or future patients the option to just contact them digitally for an appointment. We have made it compact and easy to access any information that is vital to understanding their services. There are a customized content and patient educational material for the benefit of their viewers.

The team at Children’s Happy Teeth are there to help with children’s fear of the dentist. Also, they are able to correct the smiles of those of all ages. They ensure that their patients are comfortable in their dental office as well as being informed about all steps of the process. They make sure that they are knowledgeable about healthy dental care.

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