Junctionwest Dental – Toronto, ON

Junctionwest Dental – Toronto, ON

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Located in Toronto, Canada, Junctionwest Dental (stylized with no capitalization) and their team of doctors pride themselves on using the most advanced dental technology and creating the ideal office setting for any and all dental patients. Dr. Venus Sobhi manages the dentistry office and believes that dentistry is much more than just teeth and gums. Her passion and commitment to the profession have allowed her to educate, inform and treat hundreds of patients over her 10+ years as a dentist.

Design Overview

Junctionwest Dental’s home page features a wide array of pictures that highlight the different services offered. Patients will immediately notice the rotating header images that span the home page. These images are a clear reflection of the work ethic and professionalism displayed by Dr. Sobhi and her team. Down the home page, you will notice additional perks and benefits the team has to offer along with some recent testimonials. There is even a tour of the office to give incoming web-visitors a chance to meet Dr. Sobhi herself!

Use of Color

To accommodate for the vast majority of white space and background, we used a simple blank font to maximize the reading experience. In short, almost all the web pages read like an actual document. Black lettering with a white background. Not only does this not add a professional look to the website, but also helps highlight the colorful pictures throughout the web pages.

Design Elements

Junctionwest Website Screenshot

The navigation menu is home to all the different services offered by Junctionwest. There are many additional drop-down elements that expand when scrolled over. The smile gallery, in particular, utilizes the power of imagery to a few of Dr. Sobhi’s previous work. The square borders help establish a distinctive frame for the pictures and text. Both are equally spaced out and distinctive.

The services tab features all the additional services that the dental office offers. When you click on the title of any of these services, you will be redirected towards a new web page. This web page describes the operation as well as answering a few of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the operation.

Tour the Office Screenshot

The about us tab features a short summary of the dental team’s educational information and mission statement. As you move down the tab, you will notice a tab dedicated to testimonials. This is a great way to attract new patients as well as giving your practice a boost in reputation. Being personable is key to establishing any new patient-to-dentist relationship.

Marketing Aspect

Dental Animations

In addition to the advanced technology offered by Junctionwest, Dr. Sobhi’s office is open seven days a week! This means that while other dental practices are closed, Junctionwest is open! This is great news for patients who suffer from emergencies or last-minute dental issues. In an effort to provide the most convenient financial options, Dr. Sobhi’s office also offers a multitude of insurance and payment options.

Blogging and informing patients is a great way to bring in additional traffic to your website. Junctionwest has this covered. Featured on our navigation page, there is a tab dedicated to the team’s blogs and informationals. Need to find your estimated time of arrival? Head to Junctionwwest’s contact page for an interactive Google map. To top it all off, their website is protected through the use of SSL Security. This means that hackers cannot gain access to important patient information. All in all, you will be in great hands over at Junctionwest!

Image the Website Represents

From all the informational blogs to the SSL Security, it is clear that Junctionwest cares about their patient’s safety and concerns. The website represents the professional and approachable mannerisms that the Toronto natives work with. The smiling faces on the front page welcome patients in to explore the website – giving Junctionwest visitors a first, great impression!

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