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Heritage Park Dental is focused on general and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Heidarian manages the Los Altos practice and focuses on using cutting-edge services and technology to set her apart from the competition. We wanted to build Dr. Heidarian a custom dental website that would celebrate her use of experience in the dental field on a classy and elegant layout.

Design Overview

When entering the website, you will immediately get a sense of modernism and class. The vivid imagery of California and the office give first-time visitors a great first impression. Our full-width layout is spacious and welcomes patients in with open arms. Further down the page, visitors will have a chance to meet Dr. Heidarian and request an appointment. We rounded out the home page by featuring some of the different services offered at the Californian office.

Use of Color and Images

We wanted to make the website design sleek and sophisticated to match the patient’s surroundings. We used a black background on the majority of the home page. Not only does black give a feeling of lux and class, but also helps highlight the natural colors emitting from the images as well.

The entire website places a strong emphasis on the importance of cosmetics and maintaining proper oral health. Pictures of the office’s surroundings and a portrait of Dr. Heidarian and her team are placed on the front page to give readers the impression that the team is approachable and friendly.

When designing any website, it is important that the images clearly resonate with your target audience. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to use images on your website to increase audience engagement.

Design Elements

The highly visual website has many modern design elements. In addition to the social media widgets on the top banner of each web page, we also included scrolling patient reviews that will surely catch the eye of site visitors. The procedures tab on our navigation menu also contains many redirect links to help increase site engagement.

Adding redirect links to any website can boost site engagement and additional interest in your services. Any good medical website has some form of redirection. To read about some of the WORST website mistakes you can do to ruin your SEO ranking, click HERE.

The smile gallery is also a great testament to the work done by the team. The smile gallery features multiple successful before-and-after procedure images. Seeing is believing! Establishing a sense of security with your patients is key!

From the selection of images and elements of design to the color theme, everything on the website reflects the calculating work ethic and professionalism that Heritage Park Dental operates under.

Marketing Aspect

With the office based in California, we understood that the typical consumer had plenty of options for their cosmetic wishes. We included a separate contact tab on the navigation menu to ensure that site visitors would have no problem reaching the office. We also included a mobile-friendly Google map for those who view the website on a mobile device.

There are also patient forms on the website for incoming patients heading towards the office. Having these forms ready on the site ensures that patients will spend less time in the waiting room, and more time being treated!

Having accessible forms plays a crucial part in the patient experience at any medical office. To read more about the issue, click HERE.


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