Spectrum Family Eyecare

Spectrum Family Eyecare

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Spectrum Family Eyecare are a group of professional providers of quality eye-care to mall visitors. They present a clean, straight-forward environment that ensures comfort and convenience to its visitors. When clients stop in, they’re met by a clean, professional staff, and their site needed to present that same impression. From the ideals of professionalism and convenience, this site came into existence, reassuring the visitor that they will have a clean, comfortable appointment in their mall-based clinics.

Overview Of The Design

The design of this website is simplistic and understated, focused on building confidence in the visitor through the imagery of the doctors and the strong presence of testimonials. The site is immaculate and minimalist, which helps lend an air of efficiency and convenience to their visitors, who will be stopping by a mall to get their vision checked. While optometrist stations are familiar sights in a mall environment, the mall itself is rarely thought of as a relaxing experience. This site seeks to overcome those preconceptions through excellent design.

Use Of Colors

Blue and white are typically found in levels of prominence that are the reverse of this site, but this combination works perfectly for a website dedicated to eye care. Blue shows respect and hope while the white text presents with clarity and professionalism. If there’s anything that makes patients jumpier than going to see the dentist, it’s anything having to do with the eyes. The consistent blue of this site helps to soothe their nerves and help them feel comfortable about facing eye related issues.

Analysis Of Design Elements

This website is very straight-forward and clean, providing direct information about the services the facility offers while simultaneously presented a steady stream of testimonials lauding the work of the staff. Convenience is maintained by the placement of the phone numbers presented at the top. The website presents a section specifically for patients giving them quick information about their services and how to prepare for a visit to make it move as smoothly as possible.

Marketing Aspect

This website is designed to instill a sense of calm confidence in the visitor while providing the convenience of information and service from the site. Phone numbers are provided right away for all the facility locations, while the addresses are provided below, prominently mentioning the malls they’re located in to help facilitate search results. The bottom of the website helps to build the authority of the clinics by providing a list of the locations associations with relevant organizations like the College of Optometrists of Ontario.

The Image this Website Reflects

A top of the line in-and-out optometrist clinic focused on providing the convenience and speed you expect from a mall-based location. The photos of the staff are friendly and relaxed while still offering a sense of comfort and security, while the testimonials play a substantial part in passing along word-of-mouth confidence. Overall this is the perfect representation of the strange alchemy of that is a clinical facility in a mall environment.

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