Greensboro Medical Spa Infinite Allure Medical Aesthetic Specialists

Greensboro Medical Spa Infinite Allure Medical Aesthetic Specialists

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Infinite Allure Medical Aesthetic Specialists is an interesting clinic driven by the ambition to provide happiness, health, and confidence in its patients by pushing the status quo. When they approached us we knew that we had to design something that was as elegant and beautiful as the work that comes out of their facilities.

Overview Of The Design

The clientele that visit their facility is, by and large, female and so we focused primarily on that for our imagery. However, concessions had to be made for their male clientele as well, ensuring that everyone saw representation throughout their site. The site itself is rather minimalist in its design, keeping things compact and straight-forward, and compartmentalizing the information for consumption. Overall we were quite proud of the elegant nature of the finished site.

Use Of Colors

When we’re designing a medical site we tend to focus on incorporating blue into the design. Blue provides a soothing, calming feeling to a website that ensures the customer will feel comfortable and not at all pressured. White is another common neutral color used in medical sites, as it’s association with cleanliness and purity sends just the right message. Grey, when combined with blue and white provides an intriguing palette that draws the eye and is always gorgeous.
• Contrast – These three colors come together in the design to create beautiful contrasts. The subtle contrast between blue and gray is perfect for buttons and presenting information softly, while white makes the subject stand out and catch the eye.
• Action Oriented –At all points where the customer is driven to take action, whether by requesting an appointment, reading more about the facility, or sending in a request to be contacted for more information, it’s blue that highlights the button.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Website design contains many moving parts, and aside from creating a beautiful site, it’s necessary to combine elements like careful spacing and navigation to ensure that it’s also effective and useful.
• Space – This site was designed around wide-open space, with each segment getting its own place to shine and there never being too much packed into one place. This results in a sleek and professional design that is clear and easy on the eyes.
• Navigation – The homepage is relatively slight, making it easy to navigate through the page and find your way to other important information. Throughout the entire site, the hamburger menu is prominently placed at the top of the screen, allowing you to access any portion of the site with just a click.
• About Us – The About Us page highlights the staff that works at Infinite Allure Medical Aesthetic Specialists and the role they play in your treatment. This makes it ideal for those who seek to start their medical journey by meeting the staff who will be their guides.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing your facility is vital to getting the most out of your website, so considering elements that make it convert well were major parts of our design.

The Human Touch – The About Us page really humanizes the website by introducing you to the staff with images and a little bit about their background. By ‘meeting’ the staff on this page the patients have already begun their relationship with the facility.

Navigation and Contact Information Ensuring that your clients can quickly contact you once they’ve made a decision to seek your guidance is vital. That’s why the navigation throughout this site can quickly put you in touch with contact information for the clinic.

Concise Forms – The forms on this site are concise and to the point, standing out on a bold gray background with a friendly and prominent blue button available for them to click to send it on its way.

Contact Form
The Image this Website Reflects

This site represents a facility that knows its business and is eager to put the customer in contact with the staff. The overall minimalist nature of the site ensures that the visitor doesn’t get bogged down with too much information, while the ease of navigation lets them enjoy all the site has to offer.