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Grace Dental Website Designed by Optimized360

Overview of the Design

The Grace Dental site was designed to embrace and project the values of the community it serves in Texas. In order to set them apart from surrounding competition, we created a site that is image heavy. The images we chose closely resembled the people Grace Dental serves and were intentionally minimalist and high quality to project an image of professionalism.

Upon landing on the home page visitors are given the opportunity to read patient testimonials, learn about services, and meet the doctor. There’s also links to the practice’s social media channels. Keeping these important components at the top level of navigation shows visitors that Grace is a transparent practice who seeks to keep an open atmosphere with patients.

Use of Colors

Lighthearted and clean, the Grace Dental website used white, a very light pink, and blue to create a cool, inviting aura around it. Photos that represented their demographic featured individuals wearing clothing that complemented the colors of the website. The goal in this dental marketing approach was to create an appearance that prompted visitors to see themselves as patients of Grace Dental and motivate them to take a next step toward becoming a patient.

Analysis of Design Elements

This full-width website features scrolling banners that take up the entire area “above the fold.” The foreground of the homepage appears to move when visitors scroll, ultimately revealing additional images. This creates an element of surprise that encourages visitors to keep scrolling. And because the website is responsively designed, the entire site loads on phones, tablets, and desktops.

Minimal text on the website is complemented by images. This includes the featured services section, which is organized into small rectangles for each service and a short one or two-word description below. These sections are much easier to navigate on mobile devices and lead to an overall improved user experience.

Marketing Aspect

The primary goal of the Grace Dental website is to get people to take action and become patients. As soon as a visitor lands on Grace Dental’s site they’re presented with a large, full-width hero image with a call-to-action overlay that encourages them to schedule an appointment. The highly visual design of the website was intentional and allows people to visualize themselves as a part of the practice.

Image the Website Represents

With photos of Texas bluebonnets (flowers) in the background, Grace Dental was designed to appeal to locals who are looking for a family dentist. When visitors see something as iconic as a Texas bluebonnet they immediately feel connected to the practice and are more likely to become patients. The website relies heavily on images and used photos that honor the diversity of the area of Texas that they serve.

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