Full Circle Health & Wellness

Full Circle Health & Wellness

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Full Circle Health & Wellness is a family-owned Medi Spa that focuses on multispecialty services and excellent customer service from their certified providers. To shoot them towards the forefront of the medical spa industry, we customized a sleek, modern Medi Spa website that would highlight the different services from the New Mexico natives.

Design Overview

Medi Spas are generally geared towards a select demographic. We made sure to accommodate for the audience by adding rich special effects and providing a sleek, professional feel throughout the website. When web-visitors enter the website, they are welcomed into the home page with a special sliding effect. Throughout the website, you will find popping and parallax effects to create a sense of flair. The home page also features an image gallery along with additional links to redirect the visitors to different areas on the website. We rounded out the home page with an additional link to a patient portal next to Full Circle’s mission statement.

Use of Color and Imagery

Having imagery that reflects your website is important. The imagery on the website, and the home page, in particular, all feature models that reflect the overall impression that Full Circle is here to help. The about us page also has pictures from the office itself. This can be a great way for new patients to get a sense of familiarity and preview with the office staff and office building.

To give an additional layer of comfort and ease, we implemented a color theme that would be eye-catching while also professional. We complimented the imagery through the use of a black and green color theme. When blended together, black and green make for a contrast that is action oriented. Black provides the background and a sleek silhouette for the imagery. Black also provides a feeling of luxury and class, just like the services offered at Full Circle. Green is primarily used to highlight calls to action. To top it all off, we also provided a personalized logo that stands out amongst all the photos.

Design Elements

The navigation menu is home to all the additional services and procedures offered. When you minimize the site on a desktop, the navigation menu conveniently turns into a hamburger menu. This is also great news for mobile users as well – the website is mobile-friendly as well.


When incorporating multiple elements of design in any website, you want to make sure that everything flows together. We made sure spacing was expertly managed throughout the site by using white space to establish image areas and frame text. Navigation is spacious. We also implemented square borders throughout the site to ensure a proper balance between text and imagery.

Marketing Aspect

The gallery tab on our navigation menu features before-and-after treatment photos of previous patients. With the Medi Spa industry, commitment and trust play a huge role in the decision process. You need to properly persuade and convince your web-visitors why you are better than the competition. We also featured an additional tab for testimonials to help with this as well. Placing testimonials on your site is a great way to make a standout impression on skeptical web-visitors. Testimonials place credibility and proof of results in your work and experience. We also use testimonials on our very own website as well!

No Medi Spa office is complete without social media. We made sure to highlight their different social media platforms and contact information on the top banner of each web page. This ensures that Full Circle’s social media platforms receive increased engagement as well. Right next to our navigation menu, we also provided an accessible link to the patient portal for returning patients.