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Forever Young Med Spa

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We were approached by Forever Young Med Spa to produce a website for them that would capture their promise of a restored youth and beauty while not being overly splashy or pushy. They wanted their clients to feel that they would receive a no-nonsense approach to their beauty treatments, an approach that showed the spa’s dedication to beautiful results from a dedicated staff.

Overview Of The Design

The first impression of the website is fresh and pure, just a simple introduction to their services and contact information for making an appointment. More is hinted at when you glance at the elegance of their logo, however, and as you scroll down that “more” surprises like the results of this clinics treatments. Every bit of scrolling reveals a little more of what the clinic has to offer, presented with links over the beautiful results you can expect from their treatments. Enticing and eye-catching all at once, this website is a perfect blend of subtlety and ostentation.

Use Of Colors

The color play on this website is remarkable, starting with the simple black and white contrast and extending on down to the warmth and beauty of the photography used. Each of these brings warm flesh tones to the page in bright yellows and oranges, appearing both warm and inviting. As you roll over the images a mysterious dark shadow appears over the photo, complete with links to the procedures within that will bring this beauty to life.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Stock Images

This website is based on a notion of promise, every image inspiring a dream to the visitor that their life may be as beautiful as the people in these photos. Perfect skin taught forms, and fresh beauty are all presented to the visitor along with services that promise to make these things a reality. As the title of spa suggests, herein lay a collection of options that will bring eternal youth to the patient. Such promises are not made lightly, but they are made with a subtleness and grace that stays within the realm of the realistic while avoiding crassness.

Marketing Aspect

Beauty sells, and this website reflects that adage perfectly. The marketing here is partially based on simplicity and a promise of the services rendered, but it also catches the eye with beatific smiles, sultry eyes, and healthy, sexy shapes. Treatments at these kinds of spas are all about how we look on the outside uplifting how we feel on the inside, and thus the visual element is vital in this websites marketing angle.

The Image this Website Reflects

Stock Image with Testimonial

This website design clearly reflects a clinic dedicated to making its visitors a “more beautiful you.” Through the modern science of beauty treatments, there is hope for a restoration of our younger, more beautiful selves, and a future full of as many adventures as we shared in our youth. Visitors to this website will find themselves dreaming of days gone by and the futures yet to be as they find a way to stay Forever Young.

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