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Overview of the Design

Eternal Light Funeral Directors serves New York, Long Island, and the greater Tri-State area. When tasked with designing a website for a funeral service, we recognized that this is a very sensitive time in the lives of clients, whether they are pre-planning their own services or mourning the recent passing of a loved one. It is never easy to organize a funeral, but Eternal Light works hard to carry out the unique wishes of the family during their time of grieving.

This website highlights the business’s independent ownership, as well as its personalized service before, during, and after the funeral. We introduced readers to the director and spotlighted the highly prestigious organizations and associations the Eternal Light is affiliated with. Moving throughout the website, we provided dedicated spaces depicting what clients can expect from a funeral service direction from Eternal Light.

Use of Colors

We chose black and purple for this website color scheme. Black commands the attention of viewers and reassures site visitors of the seriousness and professionalism of the business. By adding shades of purple throughout the site, viewers may also associate Eternal Light with elegance and the type of world-class service and care that would be expected for royalty.

Analysis of Design Elements

This funeral director website incorporates a full screen width view of Manhattan – a scene all too familiar to people in the Tri-State area. We utilized a traditional navigational bar at the top of the page, followed by a brief explanation of the unique services available at Eternal Light Funeral Directors of New York. The succinct, yet modern look of this website rejects traditional themes that might seem antiquated to the modern New Yorker. Instead, it reflects the unique services offered by this business, some of which go against the norms of traditional funeral services.

Marketing Aspect

It is difficult for many people to find a reputable and dependable funeral director service in New York that is not affiliated with a corporate model. This is what sets Eternal Light apart from the competition, and it is what we spotlighted throughout the site. Readers quickly learn that this is funeral service with a personalized touch. We also emphasized the unique services available from Eternal Light, including green burials, graveside services, and alternatives to traditional funeral home services. Site visitors are given the opportunity to contact the funeral director service by phone or email at any time.

Image the Website Represents

Eternal Light is comprised of independent funeral directors, so we wanted this site to appeal to potential clients at the local level – not a corporate one. It is based in New York, a city that is home to millions and whose skyline is highly recognizable to anyone who lives there. Since the city sets the background for the lives of many of Eternal Light’s clients, we also let it set the background for this website with a beautiful sunset behind Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. We also included several images of the lead funeral director himself, since he is the one who personally oversees all of the services conducted through Eternal Light.

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