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Overview of the Design

When designing a custom website for pain management clinics and other niche medical practices, we work to convey the image and message of the physician while garnering the trust of potential patients. Elite Pain and Health specifically targets a subset of individuals who desire relief from chronic pain. Much of this site is created to identify with the different types of pain experienced by practice patients and provide hope for a pain-free life after treatment.

This is a well-balanced web design that has a calculated balance of movement, color, visual appeal, and local marketing. The site has a traditional layout and is well optimized for both desktop and mobile browsing. It includes a welcome from the practice physician, a listing of services available, personal testimonies from real patients and a wide range of educational information. We also included online patient forms for expedited in-office service and a dedicated space for referring friends and family to the practice.

Use of Colors

Blue and green are the dominant colors on this custom pain management website, which is set against a bright white background. These two colors are reminiscent of both land and sea, where all forms of life can be found. This is fitting, since the idea of living without pain can be the start of a whole new life for people who are debilitated by ongoing joint, back, headache, and other types of pain.

Analysis of Design Elements

This website best uses the space on its site by filling it corner to corner with background imagery, color, and even a full-screen width map to the practice. It also contains a responsive navigational menu, which changes colors as each tab is selected. The patient success stories are another design element that shines on this custom pain management clinic website. Large quotes from patients scroll horizontally against a muted background image, catching the attention of viewers as they scroll.

Marketing Aspect

Before anything else, visitors to this website are greeted with the practice logo, which helps them associate the brand with the name. We included the phone number and address for the practice, an appointment request tab, and links to the practice’s social media accounts all in the header that tops every page of the site. We also included a prominent referral tab, which encourages site visitors to refer their friends and family to the practice.

Image the Website Represents

The images on this website depict people who are smiling and happy living active lifestyles. These pictures suggest that it is possible for patients to not only live without pain, but to do the things they enjoy most without worrying about joint discomfort, mobility restrictions, and other painful constraints. It also indicates that care from this pain management practice could mean restored physical function and the ability to live a more fulfilling life.

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