E Line Orthonditcs

E Line Orthonditcs

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Dr. Chang manages E Line Orthodontics in Carrollton, Texas. Dr. Chang believes that all human boy parts have a specific function. The importance of an aesthetic smile is much more than just promoting self-confidence and socialization. We made sure to reflect his treatment philosophy through his custom-built website design that is both informative and modern.

Design Overview

In our day and age, having visuals on your website is no longer an option – it is no a MUST. We designed the home page to be both modern and professional. Essentially, the entire home page is comprised of engaging images that reflect the services offered at the dentistry. Some of the pictures also having a gliding feature when you scroll over them. Near the bottom of the homepage, you will conveniently find the team’s mission statement as well as some additional links to previous testimonials and booking an appointment.

Use of Color

To match the overarching theme of modern technology, we implemented a color scheme comprised of white and blue to help readers visualize the specialty at hand. Since we were working with an orthodontic specialty, we wanted to evoke a sense of hope. The white background allows for the blue to truly pop out at the users as well. When set amidst a wave of white, blue jumps out at the viewer without being too assertive or flashy. It is primarily used to highlight calls to action. When combined together, blue and white make for a dynamic team.

Design Elements

This full-screen width dental web design was created to be a highly visual representation of a modern website. Scrolling images of happy patients and smiling dentists make the practice seem more down to Earth. We also designed a personalized logo to match the orthodontic specialty.

The drop-down navigation menu also breaks down Dr. Chang’s services in extensive detail. When you visit any of the service pages, you are redirected to a new web page that covers the different phases and treatment types Dr. Chang offers. This can be extremely comforting for new patients with dental anxiety. When a patient feels at ease, they will recover faster and stronger for the next phase. This can also mean the difference between a one-off patient and a lifelong patient.

For new patients wishing to book an appointment, we have also included a convenient book an appointment widget on the left-hand side of each web page. When customizing any website, navigation and design are key to engaging customers. We made sure to incorporate only the best professional shots to enhance the reader’s attention. Dentistry is all about the details; so is optimal website design.

Image the Website Represents

The services tab offers different atomical views of the human skull and the effects of various dental issues. These pictures are informational and serve to educate. There are also pictures of Dr. Chang himself. Overall, all the images on the website help Dr. Chang come off as professional yet laid-back, and approachable. Having a personality is one thing that Dr. Chang is not willing to hide. When your patients connect with you on a personal level, they will more than likely come back for more dental work.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing your website is essential to the success and growth of your profession. When you properly market to your audience, the possibilities to grow are endless!  Featuring testimonials on your website is another great way to show consistency and dedication to your craft. We made sure to highlight this on the website.

Overall, the website’s optimal color scheme in addition to the simplistic layout makes it a great medium for both young and older patients. All the web pages are accessible and easy to find along the blue and white color theme. Everything is direct and to the point – patients are always the number one priority!

For incoming patients, there are patient forms available on the site. This means less time in the waiting room, and more time with Dr. Chang. Last but not least, we incorporated all of Dr. Chang’s contact information at the bottom of each web page for optimal viewing.

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