Des Moines Family Dentistry

Des Moines Family Dentistry

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Overview of the Design

The Des Moines Family Dentistry website is the visual definition of an urban-sleek, modern design. For a general dentist, you must have something that sets you apart if you want to stand out from the competition. We accomplished that with this design, giving visitors a visual experience that they will not get from any other Des Moines area dentist.

For this website, we eliminated the traditional navigational menu bar, instead opting for a single visual tile-based menu that absorbs most of the home page. From there, visitors are directed to various areas of the website, including an area about the office and the services it offers. For the convenience of patients, we also included the option to download new patient forms so as to minimize appointment-day paperwork and wait times.

Use of Colors

Black is the predominant color within this website. Though difficult to pull off, we achieved a beautiful balance of intrigue and excitement by blending various shades and gradients of black and gray to set the background for the wild pops of color within the home page menu.

Analysis of Design Elements

This website boasts a full width layout that leaves no room for wasted ‘white space’ on the home page. To modernize the site, we also included a three-dimensional effect that makes the foreground of the home page appear to move independently from the beautiful, custom background. Another unique feature is the condensed home page that eliminates excessive text and other features in favor of a succinct, full-page menu option. Finally, one of the most impressive features of this website is the extensive services library we included, providing long explanations about the types of conditions treated at the practices, as well as the types of treatments and services available.

Marketing Aspect

The very first opportunity site visitors have is to make an appointment. Additional opportunities are also available to contact the practice by phone. For those still comparing local dentists, we included a dedicated patient testimonial section that spotlights positive reviews from real patients.

Image the Website Represents

The entire home page of this custom dental website is a nod to locals who will immediately notice the Des Moines skyline. This helps to ground the practice and may even help new patients feel more at-home and comfortable scheduling a first-time appointment. The remainder of the website is also highly visual, featuring very modern images of youthful patients who are stylish and smiling in every photo.

Des Moines Family Dentistry Website Designed by Optimized360