Dental Design Studio – Modesto, CA

Dental Design Studio – Modesto, CA

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Located in Modesto, California, Dental Design Studio is all about creating the most optimal dental care environment for each and every patient. With a focus on cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, the specialists take great pride in providing the perfect smile makeover. When creating any website design, you never want to take away your key priorities of the dental office. We made sure to highlight Dental Design Studio’s strong suits by focusing on a simple but concise layout.

Overview of Design

The home page is primarily used to highlight the studio’s mission statement as well as providing additional information about the services offered. Spanning the top of the home page is a rotating image gallery. Everything on the website is simple and straight to the point. When you have the experience to back up your work, there is little to no need to go all out on the additional glitz and glam.

Use of Color

Dental Logo

We utilized a simple color theme of blue and purple to create nature-like scenery. In addition to the professional still shots provided by the images, the colors help add another layer of visuals. We primarily used purple to highlight calls to action on the home page and navigation bar. Green serves as the main background. When placed side by side, the colors add a memorable aesthetic to the site. Our personalized logo also incorporates green and purple as an additional bonus.

Design Elements

The services page is home to a plethora of information. Here, readers can learn more about the different procedures offered. When you click on any of the procedures specifically, you are redirected to another page that answers frequently asked questions. Regardless of what web page you are on, we included three additional widgets on the side that highlight the key services Dental Design has to offer.

Services Widgets

Everything is evenly spaced out throughout the website. There is establish white space around the next to ensure that nothing is extremely overbearing. Navigating through this website is always a breeze. The navigation menu is always accessible and is home to any and all sources of information you may be looking for. All the design elements are comprehensive and flow well together in unison.

Marketing Aspect

Design Dental understands that dental work can be quite pricey. As a result, they offer in-house promotions and online coupons as well. Just visit the promotions tab under the navigation menu to find out more. Showing off your work is a great way to engage with your readers. Under the gallery tab, you can find some examples of the team’s previous work. Blogging and providing patients with additional information can be a great way to turn first-time web visitors into lifelong patients. Connecting with patients on a personal and intimate level can make a huge difference when it comes to healthcare professionals. With so many different options available, you have to make your product stand out among the rest.

Image the Website Represents

This website represents a warm and friendly practice that is eager to help its patients with their most important dental health needs.  The overall design makes it easily accessible while the depth of patient education options ensures that your visitors will understand that your relationship is seen as a partnering between the patient and professional.


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