Columbus Eye Associates – Columbus, TX

Columbus Eye Associates – Columbus, TX

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The eye specialists at Columbus Eye Associates strive to provide the highest quality of medical care. This is immediately recognizable through their personalized logo and professional web design. Columbus Eye Associates offer the most advanced technology when dealing with cataract and refractive surgery. In addition, they also diagnose and treat plenty of eye diseases through a multitude of procedures and services. We went above and beyond to mimic the doctors at the Columbus Eye Associates – emulating a website design that was both modern and professional.

Overview of Design

Navigation Bar

When you first enter the website, you are greeted with an information homepage that does eye specialties justice. We incorporated parallax navigation along with special effects to bring the page to life. One standout design that we incorporated was the hamburger navigation menu. Located on the top right of each page, the hamburger menu allows readers optimal reading space for all the services offered. The hamburger menu is home to many additional links leading to blogs, videos, and directions to the office – all conveniently compacted into one small menu. We also designed the webpage surface around squares to add a spice of flare to the webpage. This also allows the professionals to highlight their accomplishments in a professional-looking format.

Use of Color

The website incorporates a blend of black and teal to create a personable color theme. The black background and wide navigation space allow optimal reading for the users. When you are marketing for any website, you want to make sure that the colors you provide match the specialty. We never want the color palette to overshadow any of the actual content on the site. The colors we chose to complement the typography and the overall layout of the website. Integrating black throughout the site implies a sense of luxury and class.

Design Elements


There are also actual photos from the office and surrounding scenery to relax and provide the readers with visuals along with the text. Promotion and advertising play a huge part in the Columbus natives’ culture. We made sure to incorporate these ideas into our design elements by developing an encompassing homepage that would briefly cover the most important information available. Information about the staff, services, and available promotion are all purposely accessible on the homepage (in addition to their respective tabs in the hamburger navigation menu).

Marketing Aspect


At the bottom of each web page, we included a call to action through service information. A short but effective contact page can be found and accessed accordingly. There is also corresponding telephone information for their offices located in Houston, Sealy, and La Grange respectively. Columbus Eye Associates prides itself on the trained staff that comprise their office space. Off the bat, on the front page alone, the services offered can be seen and described. Patient forms and the patient portal is always conveniently located near the top of the page. Actions speak louder than words. The medical team at Columbus Eye Associates have the actions and words to back up their impressive portfolio of work.

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