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Campbell and Williams Family Dental Website
Campbell & Williams Family Dentistry Website Designed by Optimized360

Overview of the Design

When Campbell & Williams Family Dental came to us seeking a website, they wanted one that was visually stunning, yet laid out in such a way that information was immediately available and obvious to visitors. As family dentists they needed to set themselves apart from what everyone else was doing, yet maintain an approachable, warm feel.

We accomplished this by using a large hero image on the home page of a woman that accurately represents the practice’s demographics. We chose to highlight contact information above the menu, which is placed cleanly beside the image. The menu is clean and does not include any sub navigation options, which makes it even easier to navigate on mobile devices thanks to its responsive design.

Use of Colors

When designing this website we relied heavily on white space to create a clean appearance and used the practice’s colors of light green and blue as accent colors. This allowed us to use color, including small pops and various shading, to bring attention to the most important parts of the website. This includes the “schedule a consultation” call-to-action and menu options.

Analysis of Design Elements

This full-width dental website manages to pack a whole lot into it, without distracting from the main messaging. We aimed to minimize text on the homepage because visual elements are more easily digested. As a result, featured services are represented as single icons with a short description below them. Every service page includes a detailed explanation of the service, along with graphics to support the messaging and help to cement it in the visitor’s mind.

Each component of the website was designed to work together and provide an incredible user experience to the visitor.

Marketing Aspect

From the moment a visitor lands on the CW Family Dental website they’re given an opportunity to schedule a free consultation. This call-to-action motivates visitors to take immediate advantage of an opportunity presented to them. Both the phone number and address are strategically and obviously placed so that patients can make a quick decision as to whether this practice’s location works for them. Once they make that decision they can call to schedule an appointment or take advantage of the free consultation. If visitors wish to learn more, they can scroll through the site and are presented with yet another opportunity to schedule the complimentary consultation. With repeated exposure they’re more likely to take the next step and schedule their consultation, thus becoming leads and patients.

Image the Website Represents

The Campbell & Williams website is clean, transparent, and well put together. It projects to local clients the image they would expect: one of professionalism and expertise. When a visitor comes to the CW website, they have the opportunity to learn from articles, read patient reviews, and are given several opportunities to contact the office. Making this information accessible to visitors speaks to the practice’s passion for their users.

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