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Bismarck Botox – also known as Pure Aesthetic & Laser Center – is a medical spa offering a wide range of cosmetic treatments, services, and products. When we design a custom med spa website, we aim to create a space that is inspiring and hopeful of what the future could look like after undergoing cosmetic treatments. For this practice, that meant designing light and bright website that appears modern, yet not so progressive that it feels out of touch.

Overview of the Design

The home page features a header image and navigational menu bar followed by a spotlight on several of the services offered at the office, from laser and injectables to body treatments and specialty services. Next, we introduce visitors to the practice and its founder, nurse practitioner, Shelly Botsford. Finally, we round out the home page with the logos of professional organizations Ms. Botsford is affiliated with, as well as some reviews from satisfied patients.

Services Offered

Use of Colors

For this site, we used a gray and black background accented with bright blue. Gray and black represent neutrals against which colorful images appear brighter and more attractive. Likewise, the blue accent color is reminiscent of sunny skies and gives the impression that anything is possible with the treatment at this med-spa.

Analysis of Design Elements

Rotating Image Gallery Screenshot

We created a custom med-spa website that is unique to the practice and set apart from that of competitors. The site uses progressive design elements, including a full-screen width header image that scrolls between various pictures. We also created a secondary home page menu with grayscale images that wash with color when selected. Moving down the page, it continues to come alive with scrolling patient reviews and a carousel of images of the office itself.

Marketing Aspect

This med-spa attracts its patients based on the possibility of appearance-enhancing results. Many of them already know the types of services they are interested in, which is why we placed the logos of various services and products on the home page of the site. From there, visitors can directly request a personal consultation or connect with the practice via links to its social media accounts. As an added bonus, the office can customize special offers and feature them from the promotional tab.

Image the Website Represents

Women of all ages grace this website, which is highly visual in nature. The idea is to show that med-spa services can be for everyone – not just a select few. From minor imperfections to major aesthetic concerns, the images on this website depict the possibility of a more youthful appearance.

Bismark Botox Website Designed by Optimized360

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